iOS 17 would arrive with support for mixed reality and alternative application stores

iOS 17 (Macrumors)

Although it was released to the general public in September of 2022the operating system of iphone The development has already begun that its version 17which could be presented during the month of September of this year and the same as the next cell phone of Manzana this new update would come with new functions in the software for the devices.

In addition to the already expected usual improvements such as the optimization of device and the higher processing speed (which will directly affect the chips A17 Bionic of the next cell phones Manzana), it is to be expected that the operating system will include new features in the internal characteristics of the next iphone.

These are some of the functions that could be included within the new operating system of Manzana that will be presented this year and which would include some of the features that are currently in developing or in test phases.

The operating system of the new iPhone could be released to the public in September of this year.  REUTERS/Thomas Peter/File Photo
The operating system of the new iPhone could be released to the public in September of this year. REUTERS/Thomas Peter/File Photo (THOMAS PETER/)

Alternative app stores

One of the features that can be expected for the launch of the new iOS 17 is the incorporation of new alternative application stores to the app store within the iPhone, which would imply that this would not be the exclusive store for the iphone that are compatible with the installation specifications of the operating system.

According to Web page Apple support, the iOS 16.2 The current system is compatible with models up to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, so the system update that would be released in September would no longer be compatible with them and would require at least the specifications of the iPhone X and its variants Xr, Xs and Xs Max.

The App Store wouldn't be the only app store on the new iPhones.
The App Store wouldn’t be the only app store on the new iPhones. (MANZANA/)

According to Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg reporter, this decision would be limited only to Apple’s European market, although it has not been confirmed that it is. However, it has been rumored that it could arrive with iOS 17 or subsequent updates.

Support for mixed reality glasses

the glasses augmented reality Y virtual reality that Manzana is developing is one of the products that is expected to be launched in the coming months or at least during the 2023 with its own operating system, which would be the xrOS.

Although this indicates that the updates of the system will specifically reach the glasses, that does not mean that it has autonomous operation, so iOS 17 It could have some specific functions that can be used if the user owns these special glasses.

Mixed reality glasses.  (photo: MacWorld Spain)
Apple’s mixed reality headset would have the xrOS operating system. (photo: MacWorld Spain)

According to Gurman, this device would be launched in June during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), it will be distributed towards the end of this year and it would have an approximate price of up to 3,000 dollars, an even higher price than the viewers ProQuest de Meta to differentiate it and give it an appearance of exclusivity and high quality.

CarPlay function enhancements

system for automobiles Manzana It could also be improved. Even during WWDC Manzana showed some novelties last year in which it was indicated that support would be generated for various Applications native to the operating system of iPhone phones and other devices such as multiple screens and widgetplus dedicated car features like a dashboard, climate controls, and FM radio.

Although it is not known what vehicles or what brands will be able to support this version of CarPlayApple indicated that the list would be public during the 2023although an exact date of incorporation into the system of the iphone.

Apple CarPlay.  (Macrumors)
Apple CarPlay. (Macrumors)

Some of the brands that could be included in the selection of manufacturers that would have vehicles compatible with these improvements are Acura, Audi, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Porsche, Volvo, among others.

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