iPhone 11: 5 characteristics of a model that survives time

in front of iPhone Mexico that we can find available, it is likely that many will be dazzled by the news. Understandably, newer models are supposed to be better.

However, when we talk about Apple phones, this does not imply that the old models are bad and many if we consider their iPhone prices. A proof of this is the iPhone 11which is still a great smartphone, but why?

Next, we stop at its characteristics so as not to delay in finding out the 128GB iPhone 11 price or the model that we like the most.

5 features of the iPhone 11

1. Screen

We start with its excellent screen, a 6.1-inch IPS with a resolution of 1792 x 828 pixels. These values ​​produce a concentration of 326 pixels per inch, a type of density that Apple called Retina.

As with all its components, the screen is synonymous with the quality of the brand when it comes to manufacturing products. This is something that will make us analyze the iphone prices else.

2. Performance

This is a key aspect to analyze the relationship of time with this model, whether we find out the price of the 128GB iPhone 11 or another version. The A13 Bionic chip will allow us to carry out all our tasks with solvency.

It is a 7-nanometer processor, made up of four high-efficiency cores and two high-power ones, making it a hexacore. It also has an eight-core NPU and 8.5 billion transistors.

3. Camera

Another outstanding characteristic of this model, is the iPhone 11 colors or the rest of its versions, is the quality of its camera. This model incorporates a dual lens: a regular 12MP lens and a 12MP wide angle lens.

This quality is worth more than iphone price that we must pay to have this phone. An interesting aspect in relation to other models is the change from the classic 2x zoom to a 0.5x ultra wide angle.

4. Sound

Something that revolutionized the market when this model came to light and that is still worth mentioning is its audio quality. He iPhone 11 It has a Dolby Atmos sound system that will allow us to listen perfectly.

We know that the iphone prices They are usually high, but when we find so much quality it doesn’t take us long to realize that it is an investment. The sound of the 11th generation will allow us to listen to anything with incredible nuances.

5. Storage

Finally, we end with a key aspect, ideal for those looking for the model that best suits their needs. We are talking about the different storage capacities, from 64, through 128 to 256GB.

In this way, we can find the 128GB iPhone 11 price if it is what we need or of any of the other two capacities. Always with the certainty of finding just what we need.

After these characteristics, it is time to go out and look for the best iPhone 11 price at our iphone store closest.