iPhone 14 users complain about horizontal lines appearing on the screen

iPhone 14 bug generates horizontal lines on the screens. (MacRumors)

Some users of iPhone 14mostly those with Pro models, have reported the existence of a failure in their phones that causes white, green, or yellow lines to appear on the screen when the device is turned on or locked.

“I noticed that when the phone is unlocked appear lines horizontal on the screen. It does it randomly, not always. Sometimes it is one line and other times there are several,” a user told the Reddit platform in a publication in which he shared a Photo.

According to Web page of 9to5Mac, this inconvenience would not be caused by the malfunction of a component of the hardware of the device, but the horizontal lines would be the product of an error of software.

Reddit user reports iPhone crash.  (Capture)
Reddit user reports iPhone crash. (Capture)

For its part, the MacRumors website indicates that the start of the reports of failures related to this issue started after OS upgrade iOS 16.2 which was released last week, so the origin of the error in the system could be due to some incompatibility of software.

How to fix the bug

Some users say that they have asked for help in stores of Manzana where they tell them that it is possibly a malfunction of the software which could be solved restarting the device. It was done, but the error persists.

Other people also experiencing the same type of failure have also tried to turn off the function of Always on displaymanually turn off the telephone and even restart it, but none of these ways have had a positive effect on solving the error in the devices.

iOS 16.3 Update
iOS 16.3 Update

Since the restart of the telephone from Manzana is not a viable solution to the problem, the company’s customers just have to wait for the update to come back. device to a new version of iOSwhich would be 16.3, although his arrival would not take place until the beginning of 2023.

However, the reports of the failure in social networks have indicated that a representative of the company is working on a solution to this problem, but because the company of Cupertino is focusing on the development of the next version of iOSneither would an independent patch be released to help repair the error of the smartphones from Manzana.

iPhone 15, the first Apple smartphone without buttons

While the users of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max await the arrival of a new version of the operating system, others are already awaiting rumors and news about the arrival of the new iPhone 15 which could be officially presented in September of next year.

The next version of the phone might not have buttons on the sides.  Photo: Apple Inc./dpa
The next version of the phone might not have buttons on the sides. Photo: Apple Inc./dpa (Apple Inc./)

According to analysts and specialists who can provide information about this device, the 2023 could mean the arrival of the first telephone of Manzana that does not have physical buttons anywhere, but that the functions are accessible by means of sensors that simulate the sensation of touch for people.

The design would be very similar to what the iPhone 7 presented, which used a Taptic engine to simulate pressing a button with vibrations, or what are the trackpads from Macwhich do not move, but simulate clicks using similar haptic technology.

“There will be Taptic Motors located on the inner left and right sides to provide force feedback so that users feel like they are pressing physical buttons,” said analyst Min-Chi Kuo.

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