iPhone users can share photos of an event with this app and create a photo album

Application turns cell phones into disposable cameras that reveal photos of events for everyone. (POV App)

There is an application that allows users to have a collection of images of an event for after, create a collaborative virtual album, even without all the attendees knowing each other.

The platform is calledPOV”, is free and gives the possibility of not downloading any application if not using it from the page.

Application turns cell phones into disposable cameras that reveal photos of events for everyone.  (Infobae)
Application turns cell phones into disposable cameras that reveal photos of events for everyone. (Infobae)

How the app works

Because the platform acts as a disposable camera (that’s their concept)each event can configure and generate a QR code to start capturing photos in a limited way, because each case has a limit of photos to upload.

After having read the codea pop-up window will be displayed with the message: “everyone has a different point of view. It’s time to capture yours”, and immediately click on the button Open to take photos and share them.

Everyone at the event will have the opportunity to take the same amount of Photos, unless the organizer has configured different amounts for each person and once they run out, the application It will not allow you to upload more to the cloud.

Each photo can be edited with cropping, brightness, contrast, stickerschange the background among others functions additional.

POV photo application
POV photo application

During the event or 24 hours after completion, all photos will be “revealed” within the application as a Photo album virtual. The person who sets the QR code will be in charge of choosing what type of development you want within the platform.

Anyone who has the program installed on their cell phones will be able to visit the Gallery whenever you want except for those who have not downloaded the applicationwhich would mean the only unfavorable feature that people who don’t have it installed would have.

This app is available for devices that work with the system iOS 14 henceforth, so it can only be used by users who have an iPhone or other Apple devices and it is free to download on the app store.

For devices using the operating system Android there are also similar collaborative virtual album creation options such as the dedicated function for that service that is built into the app from google photoswhich allows the creation of personalized photographic collections that other users can help create through the image edition and modification of contents.

Share images with the Google Photos app.  (Google)
Share images with the Google Photos app. (Google)

Each person included as part of the set of guest users to collaborate you will be able to upload or delete photos and it will only be necessary for people to have downloaded the Google application, although in some devices it is already preloaded in the cell phone. In addition, the generated album can also be shared with more users so that they can add their own images or see those that have already been included.

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