iPhone users can take care of their eyes with these 3 functions

Options so that the view does not suffer on iPhone. (photo: Bitten Apple)

A detail that Manzana has always taken care of its products is the accessibility. They have always made sure that their macbook, iPhone and others devices are accessible to people with visual, mobility or hearing problems or disabilities.

Refering to vision, there are those who have to stare at the screen and still cannot see what it shows, despite the fact that each new iPhone improves its quality and resolution. And this is where the accessibility features of iOS, such as expanding the text or using the magnifying glass to enlarge the screen.

Accessibility features associated with iPhone’s view allow customize the cell phone and make it easier to use if you don’t want to miss any details about the message, the web page or the app that is open at that time. Some of them even activate when your fingers touch the screen. Therefore, the person can use or not use the accessibility feature without going through the iOS settings.

Infobae brings the main functions of this type, so that when the user looks at the iPhone screen they can see everything correctly, or at least better than before. Small options that help on a day-to-day basis and allow you to use an iPhone more easily, despite and in case you have problems seeing well.

1. Enlarge the screen with zoom

First, the most practical function to enlarge the screen of an iPhone. With iOSZoom, you can magnify what you see on the screen multiple times. It has multiple zoom levels (up to 15x), color filters, and fits perfectly on the screen so you can use it constantly. Also, you can activate it in Settings > Accessibility > Zoom and/or double-tapping the screen with three fingers together.

This can be configured in two ways:

– Gonna Settings > Accessibility > Zoom

– Click on the button below the zoom itself.

From there you can, for example, regulate the maximum zoom level. You can also switch between two types of magnifier. One in window mode, to enlarge the screen in one window and see the rest in the default size, or in full zoom mode. You can switch between the two from Settings > Accessibility > Zoom > Zoom region.

If the full zoom, it can be turned on or off by double-tapping the screen with three fingers. And to move, you have to drag the screen together with three fingers. By default, window zoom is enabled, which is most convenient if you have two viewing angles on the iPhone screen.

Activate Zoom on iPhone.  (photo: Business Insider Spain)
Activate Zoom on iPhone. (photo: Business Insider Spain)

2. Enlarge the text to read better

This option will be very useful for those who have not been spared by the years and, in general, for those who have problems when reading the text from the iPhone itself or from a message.

You can use zoom to get around this hurdle, but if it’s just text, the most practical option is larger text in Settings > Accessibility > Display and text size.

This option changes the font of iOS menus, as well as settings and supported apps. It also offers a slider with different font sizes to choose from.

In section Display and text size additional options will be found to facilitate the display of the screen. For example, making text bold, reducing transparency, using color filters, etc. You can try them one by one until you find the best combination.

Magnify text on iPhone.  (photo: Watch How It's Done)
Magnify text on iPhone. (photo: Watch How It’s Done)

3. Let the iPhone read what it says on the screen

If you want iOS to read what you say on the screen instead of looking at it, the classic solution is called voice over. It is available for iOS Y macOS.

It consists of reading the texts of all the menus and options on the screen. It can be activated by triple-tapping the Side button or the Home button, depending on the iPhone model. It is also activated in Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver. Right here it is also possible to adjust the audio speed of the tool in question.

You can also change your voice in the section readings. There are male and female voices in various languages, and you can even choose the voice of Siri.

And if you plan on using VoiceOver a lot, you can go to Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver > Commands > All Commands. There, the user will learn all the commands they can give VoiceOver to navigate the iPhone with their voice.

Use VoiceOver.  (photo: 9to5Mac)
Use VoiceOver. (photo: 9to5Mac)


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