Iranian parliamentarians called for death sentences for protesters in regime-shaking protests

Protesters in Erbil after the death of Masha Amini at the hands of the Persian regime police (AP) (Hawre Khalid/)

A group of more than 225 parliamentarians from Iran They have asked the courts to dictate death sentences against participants in recent protests in the country for the death in custody of Mahsa Amini, a woman detained for allegedly wearing the veil incorrectly, and they have been compared to members of the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group.

The statement, read by parliamentarian Ahmad Amirabadi Farahani and signed by 227 of the 290 deputiescalls the protesters ‘mohareb’equivalent to warrior but also to ‘enemy of God’which carries the death penalty in Iran.

The signatories denounced that “the United States and other enemies have instigated and organized” the protests, including “financing and supplying weapons” to the protesters. “We, representatives of this nation, ask the authorities, including the judicial apparatus, to deal as soon as possible with these ‘mohareb’ who, as an Islamic State, have attacked life and property (of the population) with weapons and that they issue a divine mandate and a revenge”, they pointed out.

Iranian Parliament (via Reuters)
Iranian Parliament (via Reuters) (OFFICIAL PRESIDENT WEBSITE/)

In this line, they claimed to the judiciary to “act decisively against some politicians who have provoked those responsible for the riots”, while applauding the work of the security forces, according to the Iranian news agency FARsdespite multiple abuses.

On the other hand, they have pointed out that “the United States and other enemies of Iran have suffered consecutive defeats” in the region, including conflicts “in Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon and Yemen”, before closing the session chanting ‘Death to the United States’, ‘Death to the hypocrites’ and ‘Death to the seditionists’.


Iranian protesters were repressed last Thursday by the regime’s police, in a city near Tehranthe Persian country’s capital, reportedly killed or wounded several members of the security forces, who at one point dropped stun grenades on protesters from helicopters.

The demonstrations have convulsed Iran for more than six weeks and marks one of the biggest challenges for the country’s clerical regime since they took power in the islamic revolution from 1979.

hot weather amid protests in iran
Protest in Suleimania, Iran (AP) (Hawre Khalid/)

The protesters had gathered in karajon the outskirts of Tehranto commemorate the 40th day since the death of Hadis Najafi, 22, one of several young women shot dead during the protests. The demonstrations were inflamed by the death of another woman detained by the morality police of the regime.

Iranian authorities heavily restrict media coverage of the protests and have periodically closed access to Internet across the country, making it difficult to confirm details of the unrest.

The repression of the protests over Amini’s death, which include calls for the fall of the Iranian regime, have so far resulted in the death of more than 300 peopleas denounced on Saturday by the non-governmental organization Iran Human Rights (IHR).

(With information from Europa Press and AP)

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