Iran’s former crown prince called on the EU to designate the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization

Former Iranian crown prince Reza Pahlavi demands a secular, parliamentary and democratic political system in Iran (Win McNamee / Getty Images) (Win McNamee /)

iranian crown prince reza pahlavione of the main opposition figures to the Tehran regime, urged the European Union (EU) on Wednesday to consider the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization.

“It is of the utmost importance that the European Union confront this regime and hold it accountable for its criminal behavior. As an immediate measure, I call on the EU to designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization,” Pahlavi told a hearing in the European Parliament organized by the European Conservatives and Reformists group.

Pahlavi, son of the shah Mohamad Reza PahlaviDeposed in 1979 by the Islamic Revolution that established a theocratic system in Iran, he was visiting the European Parliament for the first time.

In his speech, he made it clear that the Islamic Republic “cannot be reformed” and that it cannot “dialogue with those who are part of the problem.”

He condemned the repression suffered by the Iranian population and especially women, and was convinced that the designation by the EU of the Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization “it would significantly limit the regime’s ability to oppress the Iranian people and terrorize its own.”

In his view, it would further facilitate and accelerate “regime defections by encouraging those members of the Iranian Armed Forces, whose hearts go out to the Iranian people, to join the people and support the peaceful transition to a secular democracy in Iran”for which he “always” claimed to have “advocated”.

A woman holds a sign with the face of Reza Pahlavi and the caption
A woman holds a sign with the face of Reza Pahlavi and the legend “Reza Pahlavi, King of Iran” (REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay) (WOLFGANG RATTAY/)

According to Pahlavi, the path towards that secular democracy “continues with civil disobedience, public demonstrations and national strikes towards systemic collapse”.

“After the end of the regime, this path must continue with free and fair elections for a constitutional assembly. And ultimately, this path must lead to a national referendum in which every Iranian can cast a single equal vote towards the establishment of a secular democracy, designed to safeguard the human rights of every citizen,” he explained.

Pahlavi defined himself as a “coalition builder” that he must remain “neutral as a transition agent” and refrain from projecting himself in favor of monarchists or republicans, despite their lineage.

“There are monarchists who want me to be the next shah. There are Republicans, some of them, who say that I should become president, ”he commented, but assured that he has made it clear to both parties that his objective is for the Iranian opposition to be united.

“I am not running for any position. Therefore, I do not compete with anyone. And in that sense, I would like to try to remain neutral,” Pahlavi said, adding that “the agenda here is not to define the political structure and the shape of the regime,” but “to work together towards a political and democratic process”.

“We can all work together while remaining true to our own ideological preferences,” he requested.

Reza Pahlavi assured that designating the Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization
Reza Pahlavi said that designating the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization “would limit the regime’s ability to oppress the Iranian people.”

On the other hand, Pahlavi considered “dead” the international agreement for Iran to renounce nuclear weapons (called JCPOA) in which the EU is a mediator and which is currently stalled.

In addition, he assured that has always had a “negative opinion of the nuclear program, including its civil applications”taking into account the zone of high seismic incidence in which Iran is based and that “there are so many alternative renewable energies that are safe and clean”.

“For us it makes much more sense to develop them than to cling to an outdated nuclear program with much more efficiency and less cost, and certainly without the risk of error,” he said.

Reza Pahlavi also stressed that “the opportunities for investment in the Iranian economy and partnership with Iranian companies in a free Iran are incalculable.”

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