Iran’s Regime Boast About Its Suicide Drones Used By Russia In Ukraine: ‘They Have Been A Turning Point’

Russia ordered some 2,400 Iranian Shahed-136 drones (PHOTO: Iranian Army/REUTERS) (Iranian Army/WANA/)

Despite compelling evidence that Vladimir Putin’s troops have used Iranian drones to attack the Ukrainian population, the Islamic Republic He repeatedly denied those accusations. Until now, as the regime flaunted its drones in the last few hours.

The Director of Foreign Affairs of the Iranian Defense Ministry, General Hamze Ghalandaristressed that the use of Iranian military technology was “a turning point” in international strategy, referring to the Iranian suicide drones used by Russia against Ukrainian civilian targets.

“The world has been surprised that a country with serious problems in all areas and which was denied access to technology has reached a point where it is at the forefront of technology and in which their weapons, as the media say, have been a turning point”Ghalandari said in an interview with the Iranian news agency IRNA.

The general pointed out that on October 18, 2020, the “cruel” UN arms embargo was lifted after 13 years and that since then Iran can buy and sell conventional weapons to improve the country’s security.

After the end of the embargo, several countries began to buy Iranian weapons to renew their defense reserves, he stressed, although he pointed out that “Iran is not only looking for economic profit”. “Following our religious and revolutionary ideals, the Islamic Republic of Iran does not only seek commercial profit as other exporters do,” the Persian general stressed.

War Russia Ukraine - kyiv - Bombing
Russia deployed Shahed-136 drones to carry out airstrikes in Ukraine (AFP) (YASUYOSHI CHIBA /)

Putin’s Russian troops have used more than 400 Iranian Shahed-136 suicide drones in Ukraine since the start of the war, according to Ukrainian calculations. These kamikaze drones, also called loitering missiles, have proven effective in attacking logistics lines and rear-guard targets.

They are devices designed to evade anti-aircraft defense systems and even in the case of being detected, their low cost makes up for the rival spending an expensive surface-to-air missile to shoot them down.

Iran has acknowledged that it has sold drones to Russia, but has always defended that the deliveries were prior to the start of the invasion of Ukraine and has stressed that it was a “limited” amount. Russia is believed to have ordered some 2,400 Shahed-136 drones.

In recent months, the Iranian regime has been subjected to strong sanctions by the West, led by the United States, for its close military collaboration with Russia.

Last week Canada imposed new sanctions affecting a company that produces drones used by Moscow against Ukraineas well as several individuals from the police unit that participated in the arrest and death of Mahsa Amini in September 2022.

Iran and Russia have strengthened their military cooperation since the start of the invasion of Ukraine (Iran's Presidential Website/WANA/Handout via REUTERS)
Iran and Russia have strengthened their military cooperation since the start of the invasion of Ukraine (Iran’s Presidential Website/WANA/Handout via REUTERS) (Iran’s Presidential Website/WANA/)

It is the eleventh round of a series of sanctions Canada has imposed against Iran’s regime since October 2022 in response to the death of Amini, who was killed by the country’s “morality police” after being arrested for wearing the wrong clothes. the islamic veil

Canada said in a statement that the sanctions target nine individuals, the company paravar pars“a key Iranian drone producer that is supporting the unjustifiable Russian invasion of Ukraine”, and the prison Rajaei Shahrwhere executions are carried out.

Among the nine individuals sanctioned are four members of the “morality police” unit that arrested Amini and whom Canada identified as Enayatollah Rafiei, Fatemeh Ghorban-Hosseini, Parastou Safari, and Ali Khoshnamvand.

Also included in the list of sanctioned individuals are the directors of Paravar Pars and the deputy director of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in the province of Sistan Baluchestan.

(With information from Europa Press and EFE)

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