Iran’s regime ordered the arrest of two women for not wearing a headscarf in a shop

The judicial authorities of the Iran’s regime issued an arrest warrant on Saturday for two women to which a man sprayed with yogurt on the head in a store for not covering herself with the obligatory Islamic headscarf, at the same time that he ordered the arrest of the aggressor.

The court decision comes a day after a video went viral in which a man is seen arguing with a woman and her daughter who are not wearing a veil in a store and dumping a jar of yogurt on their heads, reported the Mizan agency.

The shop assistant located in the town of Shandiz, A neighbor of the holy city of Mashad, in the northeast of the country, responded by pushing the assailant of the two women into the street.

The Shandiz prosecutor’s office ordered the arrest of the two women for not covering themselves with the mandatory Islamic headscarf and that of the attacker for “disturbing public order”.according to Mizan, an agency of the Judiciary.

The man identified her without a veil and rebuked them
A man threw yogurt on the head of two women who were not wearing the headscarf in Iran
The attacker then took a yogurt that was for sale in the store and threw it at them in an attempt to humiliate them.
A man threw yogurt on the head of two women who were not wearing the headscarf in Iran
The manager of the business and other customers threw him out of the place after the attack

For his part, the clerk has received a “reprimand” for allowing the presence of unveiled women in his establishmentmandatory garment in the country since 1983.

The incident occurred amid heightened tensions in Iran following protests sparked by the death in September Mahsa Amini after being arrested for not wearing the hijab correctly, in a riot calling for the end of the Islamic Republic

The protests have all but died down after a strong state repression that has caused nearly 500 deaths and in which four protesters have been hangedone of them in public.

But many women have stopped wearing the veil in the streets of the Islamic country, in a form of protest and disobedience.

Given the continuous female gestures of civil disobedience, more and more conservative voices are calling for the laws that impose this garment to be applied.

The Interior Ministry this week described the headscarf “as one of the pillars of the civilization of the Iranian nation,” one of “the principles of the Islamic Republic” and “a religious necessity.” Iranian media has reported that the Iranian authorities are preparing a new law to re-impose the wearing of the headscarf that could carry penalties of up to $6,000.

Iran lives under an ultra-conservative theocratic regime, in which many freedoms are suppressed and the cost of rebelling can be punished with human rights abuses.

In this regard, the Government of Canada recently announced the imposition of the tenth package of sanctionsthis time against eight individuals and two entities, for their alleged responsibility in the violation of Human Rights in Iran.

Canadian Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly noted that this package is because “the Iranians are demanding a better future.” “They are fighting to protect their Human Rights so that their children -and future generations- can live in peace and prosperity”he added.

“We call on the Iranian regime to end its brutal oppression of the people of Iran and meet their demands in good faith. It is time to end the cycle of violence and forge a new path based on peace, security and stability for the Iranian people,” he stated.

These sanctions include senior members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and security forces for “serious and systematic violations of Human Rights in Tehran and in the Kurdish and Azeri areas of northwestern Iran.”

The package also sanctions senior officials involved in the production of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and ballistic missiles, which are alleged to be used in the Ukraine war by Russian troops to attack civilian infrastructure.

The scene that sparked a scandal

The Iranian regime state television issued an apology after broadcasting footage of a couple sharing a brief kiss, local media said this Friday. In a broadcast on Thursday, the entertainment channel Nasim It showed a young couple kissing briefly in a park as they walked past a hidden camera recording a prank show.

The program segment “The Incredible Four”went viral on social media.

The Islamic Republic does not allow images that show any loving physical contact. But the almost imperceptible kiss was leaked in the middle of a program and the image instantly went viral.

In a statement published by the news agency ISNA on Friday, Nasim apologized for a “mistake that resulted from the negligence of the production team.”

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