Irina Baeva says goodbye to Mexico and returns to her native country

  • Irina Baeva has decided to leave her problems behind and go to recharge her native country

The actress of Russian origin undertook a return trip to her native country where Irina Baeva shared some photos and images and said that she was “the happiest” to be sharing time with her family.

After some work commitments that prevented her from reuniting with her beloved family, the beautiful artist and protagonist of novels such as “Vino el amor”, “Pas1ón y poder”, among other productions, landed in her country of origin where the CEA graduate from Televisa was received in the middle of an emotional welcome that managed to move her from the depths.

This is how “Gabriel Soto’s fiancée” reiterated the infinite love she has for her loved ones, whom she misses daily and with whom she usually communicates from Mexico using technology, as Irina Baeva herself has shared on previous occasions.

This is how, before her almost 4 million fans, the Russian artist based in Mexico made some publications on the platforms to give details of her trip, which involved several hours of flight, she commented, so upon her arrival at the Moscow airport, The remembered interpreter of “Italian girl comes to marry” was very excited.