Irma Miranda wins MasterChef Celebrity 2023

The presenter Irma Miranda wins 1 million pesos.

Tonight the grand final of the third season of MasterChef Celebrity México took place.

Of the 20 participants who started the Azteca reality show, only 3 celebrities made it to the last day: Irma Miranda, Eduardo Capetillo Gaytán and Francisco Palencia.

The three finalists received the instruction of chefs Zahie Téllez, Adrián Herrera and Poncho Cadena that they had complete freedom to choose their dishes and prepare them in three courses: an appetizer, a main course and a dessert.

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The gastronomic talent of the three finalists was present in the dramatic final of this third season of MasterChef Celebrity 2023where the other participants were special guests and did not stop supporting their favorite.

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In the first challenge of the night, the former soccer player, Paco Palencia, presented his entrancea “Tlacoyo de plot”; Capetillo called his dish “Tartare”, while the model Irma Miranda presented her dish “Tremenda chicatana”.

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The second half arrived, where the contestants prepared their main course, demonstrating their culinary skills: The singer and actor Eduardo Capetillo presented his dish “Feeling the foie”; Irma stood out with her pistachio-flavored dish which she called “Between you and me” and Paco did the same with “a fish in the milpa”, as “a kind of shepherd’s taco”.

The last cooking of the season!

For the third period, the celebrities gave their all when preparing their dessert to delight the palates of the chefs and kept those present on the edge of their seats because time was running out. Irma presented her dessert “Flor de elote”; ‘Gatillero’ Palencia received good comments with its “Queso de la plot” and the son of Eduardo Capetillo and Biby Gaytán He was in charge of presenting the last dish of this season, which he decided to name “Without so much roll.”


Finally, the chefs deliberated and decided who would be the winner of the TV Azteca reality show, MasterChef Celebrity… The driver Claudia Lizaldi He opened the envelope and revealed the name of the winner: Irma Miranda lifted the first place trophy of MasterChef Celebrity 2023 and takes home 1 million pesos.

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