Is Ben Affleck a better player than actor?

The world of Hollywood entertainment is full of multifaceted characters, such as presenters who have published books, businessmen dedicated to production, athletes who have a leading role in films or established actors who dare to direct.

The latter is the case of Ben Affleck, who in addition to being a popular actor, famous for his performances in films acclaimed by box office and critics such as Armageddon, Shakespeare in love, pearl harbor and Zack Snyder’s Justice League (where he plays Batman), he is also a screenwriter, producer and director, winning two Oscars for these roles throughout his career.

But Affleck has not only increased his fame and fortune with successes in Hollywood, but he is also known for his fondness for gambling in casinos. And yes, the actor is also a skilled card player in games like poker and blackjack. This alternative occupation has not been without controversy and controversies in the life of the celebrity, no; in fact, it is said that he has been banned from establishments and has tendencies towards addictions.

From now on we will delve into both facets of Ben Affleck’s life, both in his career as a personality in the arts and entertainment, and in his career as a player.

Who is Ben Affleck?

Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt was born in the city of Berkeley, California, on August 15, 1972. Shortly after, he moved with his family to Falmouth, Massachusetts, where he spent much of his childhood. Both he and his younger brother —also an actor Casey Affleck— were interested in theater and cinema from a young age. At the age of nine he participated in his first film, The Dark End of the Street, recorded in Boston. Ben’s father was an alcoholic and divorced his mother eleven years after he was born.

During his adolescence Affleck became friends with Matt Damon, whom he met at school and shortly after finishing it they moved together to New York and then to Los Angeles. Damon and Ben Affleck’s friendship continues to this day, working on various projects together. In these years he participated in series, documentaries and movies for television.

In 1997 he ventured as a screenwriter with Matt Damon in the film Good Will Hunting by Gus Van Sant and was recognized with the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay (being the youngest to win this award) and other awards.

success as an actor

During the 1990s he gained fame by appearing in box office hits like Armageddon and Shakespeare in Lovethe latter won the Oscar for best film in 1999. His acting career also includes films such as: Dogma, Forces of Nature, Bounce, Reindeer Games, pearl harbor, Daredevil, gigi, hollywoodland, The Town, Argo, Runner Runner, gone girl and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which can be played as (free slots).

also stand out The Accountant, Justice League, The Way Back, Zack Snyder’s Justice League and The Last Duel, among many others. There are mixed reviews regarding his interpretations, but the actor has not ceased to remain at the top of the conversation for more than two decades.

Career as a director, screenwriter and producer

Affleck has participated in the production of twenty films, written the script for six and directed nine (, 2023). Undoubtedly, his most remembered work in these sections is Argoa 2012 feature film that he directed, produced, and starred in, which earned him an Oscar for best picture in 2013, as well as a Golden Globe, a Bafta award, and more.

Life and scandals as a player

From a very young age, the actor has repeatedly participated in poker tournaments and other casino games, being considered a professional. In 2004, he received a prize of $356,400 for winning the California State Poker Tournament and has participated several times in the World Series of Poker, which consists of 55 tournaments and is considered the most important competition in the world of this game.

In 2008 he won a total of 576,000 euros, equivalent to about 800 thousand dollars, after betting 14,400 euros in simultaneous hands of blackjack. In 2014, the news broke that he was banned from the Hard Rock casino in Las Vegas for counting cards when playing blackjack. Although this practice is not illegal, many casinos prohibit it on the grounds that it gives the player an advantage.

In a subsequent interview with the magazine DetailsAffleck pointed out that he was not expelled as reported at the time, but that casino employees asked him not to play blackjack on the premises anymore.

Not infrequently these activities have been questioned by the public, who associate them with Affleck’s history of alcoholism and addiction to cigarettes and other substances. However, on more than one occasion the filmmaker has declared that he is not addicted to gambling and that he is just very good at what he does.