“Is it a drug dealer?”; what Martha Higareda thought of Canelo Álvarez when she met him

Martha Higareda read the tarot to Saúl el Canelo Álvarez without knowing that it was Saúl el Canelo Álvarez. In fact, the Mexican actress thought he was a drug trafficker because she saw him surrounded by bodyguards and branded sportswear.

The meeting took place at the Mexico City airport where the actress was preparing to board a flight to Los Angeles.

“Then a redhead comes up to me accompanied by about nine people, all wearing branded sweatshirts, and this guy asks me ‘are you Martha Higareda?’ And I say yes and then he asks if she can take a picture with me.”

Martha’s story was made to Yordi Rosado in an interview in which the actress says that that meeting continued on the plane, since both were traveling to Los Angeles.

Higareda had bought a tarot book at an airport bookstore. When she and Saúl met on the plane, he asked her to read him the tarot.

Higareda did: “Here it says you’re going to have a fight,” Martha told him, not knowing yet that she was talking to the Mexican boxer.

Canelo asked him to ask the cards if he was going to win. Martha, in a philosophical plan, told him that nobody wins in fights.

The Mexican actress explains that until then, without knowing that she was talking to the Mexican champion, she thought he was a drug trafficker.

“He had the mid-northern accent but not that much. Inside I said ‘sons, are they drug dealers?’ I got scared because there were security guards at the airport entrance and I said ‘who knows who they are? They must be drug traffickers’”.

Already on the plane and after reading in the letters that he was going to win the fight, Saúl el Canelo Álvarez revealed his identity to the actress.

“You do not know who I am truly? I am Canelo Álvarez ”, he explained.

Later, he invited her to the fight along with some friend.