Is it true that Peso Pluma and Christian Nodal are preparing a song together? This is what is known

Christian Nodal and Peso Pluma are two great regional Mexican singers.


Rumors of a musical collaboration between Featherweightthe famous performer of corridos tumbados, and Christian Nodal, the star of the Mexican regional, have been circulating on social networks. Fans of both artists are excited at the possibility of a joint song.

New song by Crhistian Nodal and Peso Pluma

The speculation began when Christian Nodal Some time ago he shared a photograph on his social networks with Featherweight. The image, which shows the two artists hugging and smiling in a recording studio. This image has since caused much speculation about a song by both artists. Likewise, many interpreted this as a sign that the two could be working on a new song.

However, recently, the interpreter of ‘Bottle after bottle‘, on his Instagram broadcast channel he has confirmed that he will return in the coming weeks with new music, in addition, he wrote messages indicating that there will be a collaboration on his return. Fans believe it is Featherweight.


Christian Nodal could release new music in the coming days.


In addition, Nodal has published an image of the animated character Speddy Gonzalez on his official accounts, which he usually does every time he is working on a new record production. This has further fueled rumors of a possible collaboration with Peso Pluma.

The regional Mexican singer also shared a video where it is seen that he is in a recording studio.

Nodal via broadcast channel IG.mp4

Despite the excitement, so far There is no official confirmation of a collaboration between Peso Pluma and Christian Nodal. Neither Featherweight or Nodal have made public comments about the rumors. However, fans remain hopeful and are eager to hear any news about a possible joint song.

Both artists have had great success in their respective genres and a collaboration between them it could be a great success. In the meantime, fans will have to continue waiting and seeing if the rumors become reality.

new music nodal.png


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