Is Kenya Os in a relationship with Gabito Ballesteros?

Kenia Os and Gabito Ballesteros raise suspicions of romance


Are Kenya Os and Gabito Ballesteros dating? The singers raise suspicions of romance for these reasons

Kenya Guadalupe Flores Osuna, better known as Kenya Oswas romantically linked with Gabito Ballesterosa young promise of the corridos tumbados.

Kenya and Gabito raised suspicions of romance for several reasons, including some photographs of both enjoying a party in a clubwhich sparked madness among their respective fan groups.

Also, other photos came to light that would have been taken on the night of August 22 of this year, when the singers they would have gone out to dinner with their respective work teams in Los Angeles, California in the United States, where they would have been working on a collaboration.

Also, another image of the singer circulated with a bouquet of red roses, which the regional Mexican singer supposedly gave him; However, none of this has been confirmed or denied by either party.

For this reason, we just have to wait to see if any of those already mentioned break the silence around the dating rumors or talk about the supposed collaboration on the horizon.

The love life of Kenya Os

In April of this year, Kenya OS surprised his more than 15 million followers by confirming that ended her relationship with rapper Gera Mx29 years old, and assured that they continued to maintain a very good friendship.

After their breakup, the ‘Bad Decisions’ singer was romantically linked to the Real Madrid player, Vinicius Jr.23, after they were caught together in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.