Is leaving the cell phone charger plugged in a bad habit?

Leaving the chargers connected without the devices is a very common practice

Leaving a cell phone charger or any device plugged in is common practice. However, does this practice represent a danger or a considerable waste of money?

Is it dangerous to leave the charger plugged in?

Currently, chargers are considered safe, incorporating protection measures that are designed to not accumulate energy if a device is not connected. Therefore, leaving a charger connected is not dangerous.

However, there are exceptions to this rule that are related to device failures, breakages or non-approved counterfeits. Therefore, it will be important to highlight some elements.

Pay attention to the type of plug it has, that is, the type of plug, it can be with two rounded holes or three. You will then need to check that the charger is compatible or purchase a corresponding adapter if you are traveling to other countries.

If the USB cable is included with the charger, you must know the termination so that it is compatible with the charging port of your mobile phone and be aware of the power of the charger. For example, a Xiami has a 300W charge while an iPhone 12 requires a minimum output power of 20W.

Thanks to the development of technological tools, a charger can rarely cause an accident, unless it is damaged or counterfeit. However, to reduce the possibilities it is always recommended to unplug it.

On the other hand, if you wonder if it is dangerous to leave your cell phone or any device charging at night next to you, certain studies recommend stopping this habit since it can alter your metabolism.

How much does it cost to leave a charger plugged in?

The chargers are designed to barely accumulate power if a device is not connected. This is to avoid accidents and keep energy consumption to a minimum.

However, leaving the charger plugged in for 16 hours every day of the year comes with a cost. Generally the cost is not so significant in the electricity bill, but when it comes to accumulated consumption by millions of people, it implies a bigger problem.

By saving electrical energy we contribute to interrupting a cycle of environmental pollution. Electrical energy generates fuel consumption and, in turn, the emission of gases into the atmosphere.