Is Nicola Porcella Victoria Ruffo’s ‘lost son’? This is the curious theory that emerged on TikTok

Nicola Porcella and Victoria Ruffo could be more related than you think… Or not?


Nicola Porcella enjoys enormous popularity after her funny occurrences in “The House of the Famous Mexico” and, in the midst of the new projects that have arisen, she does not miss the opportunity to cause a sensation on TikTok.

Could Victoria Ruffo and Nicola Porcella be related? Maybe yes, or at least in the “multiverse” of TikTok This is a possibility, and a few days ago, a curious recording by the Peruvian unleashed all kinds of funny theories.

It is known to all that Nicola Porcella He enjoys his stay in Mexico, surrounded by the love of his fans who do not miss a single one of his posts and videos that he uploads, especially to Instagram and TikTok, which has established the former participant of “The House of the Famous Mexico” as a popular content creator.

One of Nicola’s videos, in particular, He caught the attention of his followers, to the point that they described him as “Victoria Ruffo’s double.” for this incredible reason. Get to know her!


It was through his official TikTok account that Nicola Porcella uploaded a video that was just 32 seconds long. dancing in a funny way to the choreography of the song “Mercho”, by Lil Cake & Migrantes.

Bringing out his “forbidden steps”, Nicola showed that she does have good rhythm…. And of course, a barbaric sense of humor!even his friend Agustín felt embarrassed by those dance steps!

@nicolaporcellaoficial Sorry for stealing the video but I really liked it 😂 THANK YOU #nicolaporcella #nico #teaminfierno #lcdlf ♬ original sound – Nicola Porcella

This funny video unleashed all kinds of comments from Nicola’s followers, who did not hesitate to compare it with Victoria Ruffoprecisely because she has become super famous on TikTok for her funny dance videos.

Although nothing has been confirmed, This furor could unleash a long-awaited collaboration between Nicola Porcella and Victoria RuffoWill they both take out the “forbidden steps” for another TikTok video?