Is spring getting ahead of climate change?

This is what scientists think about climate change, the arrival of spring is getting ahead; the start of this season is calculated for March 20

Why do some scientists think climate change is bringing spring forward? It is thought to be due to the global climate crisis, a product of greenhouse gas emissions.

It is worth mentioning that the equinox is a natural phenomenon, it occurs on March 20 at 5:24 pm, it falls on Monday and it is the beginning of the spring season in the northern hemisphere. But, experts indicate that it seems that the symptoms of this season arrived earlier.

Experts mention that the event is increasingly advanced by the Gregorian calendar, which includes the 400-year cycle, but they indicate that a beginning of spring will not be seen again on March 21, unless it persists until the century. XXII. Why has it been so hot in the last weeks of winter?

They mention that it has been around because of the climate crisis, and they comment that for the first time in 2 million years, human beings have caused something never seen before with respect to emissions, and therefore the planet is hotter. Some studies indicate that summer lasts 6 months.

For its part, the United Nations, through UNICEF, have not ceased to emphasize the need to create urgent measures to mitigate emissions.