Is Sylvia Pasquel the mother-in-law of Humberto Zurita? This says about rumors

Rumors are strong that Stephanie Salas and Humberto Zurita They began a romance, and in the midst of silence on the part of both, Sylvia Pasquel gave her opinion on the matter.

Saying that she would be happy to have Humberto as her son-in-law, since she knows him and has worked with him, the first actress commented: “It’s good that my daughter has a person like him by her side.”

“I think that no mother would be upset about having that son-in-law,” Sylvia said of Humberto Zurita, who is 16 years older than Stephanie Salas, Michelle Salas’s mother.

“How good, my Humberto is very handsome. He is a pimp and also a gentleman, handsome, a good actor, he would be very father, because my daughter is also very pretty,” said Sylvia Pasquel to Despierta América.

Although some assume, after these statements, that Stephanie Salas and Humberto Zurita are a couple, they have not confirmed anything. However, they have been shown together lately, and even took a trip with their respective children.

Meanwhile, when Stephanie was asked, she simply said: “Who said that?”, and got into her truck without saying more about it.

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