Is the Besucona lizard dangerous to humans?

The Besucona lizard, also known as the cuija or mourning gecko, is a species of reptile found mainly in South America, although it also has a presence in Mexico.

Despite its curious name, its bite can be a cause for concern for some people.

These reptiles are quite large, reaching up to a meter in length, and their appearance can vary in colors and patterns.

Because reptiles in general are always seen as a threat, you may have wondered what happens if I get bitten by a Besucona lizard? So this time we talk to you more about this animal that is found in many homes and has many myths around it.

What happens if you get bitten by a Besucona lizard?

The bite of a kissing lizard can occur in situations of stress, defense or when they feel threatened.

It is important to note that these bites are not aggressive, but rather a self-defense mechanism.

In most cases, a bite from a kissing lizard does not pose a serious risk to human health.

Their teeth are not poisonous nor do they produce infections.

However, they can cause pain, redness, and swelling in the affected area.

A small, slightly bleeding wound may develop, similar to a bite from any other animal.

Some people may even experience an allergic reaction to the gecko’s saliva, which can result in more pronounced swelling and widespread redness, although the cases where it occurs are very rare.

Actually it is a harmless reptile for humans, so they are not dangerous.
If you see them in your home, it is best not to approach or be alarmed, because in reality they will not approach you to harm you.

They are only looking for other insects that they feed on, such as cockroaches, scorpions or moths.