Is the Christian Bach bioseries coming? This is what is known

Actress Christian Bach died on February 26, 2019.


The Christian Bach bioseries could be a reality after his son, Emiliano Zurita, confirmed on the red carpet at the Ariel Awards that they are considering carrying out this project. What is known about the project?

Christian Bach He died on February 26, 2019, leaving behindí an enormous legacy in the world of film and television thanks to her work as an actress and producer; Likewise, she is recognized for the solid marriage that she managed to form with the first actor, Humberto Zurita, with whom she had two sons: Emiliano and Sebastián.

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With notable participations in iconic films and soap operas such as “Gavilán or paloma”, “Hidden pleasures”, “Colorina”, “The lit torch”, “The patron saint” and “The impostor”Christian Bach’s children have studied the possibility of work on a bioseries that highlights the most important aspects of the actress’s lifeWhat does Humberto Zurita, who was the interpreter’s husband for several years, think?


In an exclusive interview for TVyNovelas that you can consult in full in this week’s printed edition, Humberto Zurita was honest and, in addition to talking about his relationship with Stephanie Salas and his family and work projects, the actor also took time to talk about a possible Christian Bach bioseries.

It is important to remember that Humberto Zurita had been married to Christian Bach for almost 40 yearsso the death of the actress, which occurred in Los Angeles, left the first actor devastated, who little by little has managed to get ahead thanks to the fact that he has not stopped working on several projects.

“In every work we do, she is in our hearts, we remember her, it may be a tribute to life, to understanding that there are cycles, that nature, sometimes, is cruel and that one has to understand it,” said the artist. in an interview with TVyNovelas. What did you say about a possible Christian Bach bioseries?

Humberto Zurita, of course, showed himself according to the possibility of a bioseries about Christian Bach being made and, although he has not sat down to talk to his children about this project in detail, assumes that the series would be made with the production company Addiction House, a venture by Emiliano and Sebastián Zurita. Let’s hope that more details about the bioseries will be released soon!