Is Verónica Castro in serious health condition? This is what the son of El Loco Valdés said

Cristian Castro has not issued statements following his half-brother’s request.


The renowned Mexican actress Veronica Castro has been in the spotlight recently due to his health condition. Marco Valdés, son of the famous comedian Manuel “El Loco” Valdés, confirmed that the actress is in poor health.

What is Verónica Castro’s health status?

Veronica Castrowho has built an important career in the world of Mexican entertainment for decades, He has been suffering severe pain due to the titanium plates in his back. These pains are the result of a serious accident he suffered during the Big Brother VIP finalwhere he fell from an elephant and had to undergo various spinal procedures.

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The son of ‘El loco Valdes’ asked Cristian to visit his mother, Verónica Castro.


Despite the severe pain, the actress has proven to be a fighter. According to Marco Valdes, Castro makes a great effort every day to get ahead. However, his son Cristian Castro recently stated that his mother exaggerates and even invents illnesses For call the atention.


#MarcosValdés affirms that #VerónicaCastro’s health is delicate

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These statements by Cristian Castro did not please the son of ‘El loco Valdés’, who decided to record a video to clarify the situation. In the video, Marco assures that the actress is delicate.

“I just went to see Verónica, and she is delicate. “She is delicate, her back hurts a lot (due to her accident), she has titanium in this entire part up here in her spine… the pain is terrible… Verónica Castro makes a huge effort, it does hurt,” she declared. .

In this situation, Marco Valdés made an emotional call to his half-brother Cristian Castro to visit his mother. “Someone who lost his mother tells you: go see your mother now that you have her with you. Go see her, brother, she is your mother, she is the only mother and right now you can, hug her and cuddle her… we don’t know when she will leave us.”

Until now, Cristian Castro has not commented anything on the matter. Meanwhile, fans of Verónica Castro hope that the actress recovers soon.

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