Isaac Moreno ‘pimps’ Galilea Montijo’s rear in a bikini

Galilea Montijo with her beau, Isaac Moreno.


The presenter of ‘Hoy’ draws sighs at the beginning of the year.

Some days ago, Galilea Montijo surprised with the announcement of her desire to become a mother at 50 years oldso he is already analyzing options to give his son, Mateo, a little sister.

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It is clear to me that I can no longer get pregnant, so I am looking for an option because I don’t want to be left wanting a girl. I don’t know, the option of adopting, of a womb, I have no idea, but I don’t want to stay with that desire”.

‘La Gali’ had a sensational end to the year in Tokyo, Japanand has started 2024 in the best way, healthy and very much in love, fully enjoying her relationship with the Spanish model Isaac Moreno, 41 years old.

On a recent vacation that the couple took to Bali, Indonesia, Issac Moreno showed off his girlfriend’s great body and made a hot comment: “Woouuuu… Pibón!!”, along with some heart and fire emojis.

It should be noted that “pibón” is a Spanish expression that means “very attractive person or woman”.


Isaac Moreno shows off the great body of his girlfriend, Galilea Montijo.


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