Israel confirmed at least 600 dead in the Hamas terrorist attack and more than 100 Israelis kidnapped in Gaza

The body of a victim of terrorists in Sderot, southern Israel (Reuters) (AMMAR AWAD/)

The Government of Israel announced this Sunday that more than 100 Israelis were captured since yesterday’s surprise attack by the Hamas terrorist movement and taken to the Gaza Strip, while encrypting the dead in at least 600.

“The numbers continue to rise and with them our sadness. Our prayers are with the families of those kidnapped, killed or injured by Hamas,” wrote the Israeli Government Press Office in a message accompanied by the figures of captured (more than 100), injured (more than 2,000) and dead (more than 600) during the two days of combat with the Palestinian group.

This represents the first official figure released by Israel since the beginning of this war on the number of people captured by Hamas militiamen and whose health status has not yet been provided.

According to him Times of Israela government source ruled out that they are in negotiations with the mediation of Egypt.

Among those captured, who were taken to Gaza by Hamas militiamen who infiltrated and attacked different Israeli communities in the area, there are both civilians and soldiers.

They were not against military objectives, they were against civilians. They went after grandmothers, children, babies. The numbers are unprecedented“Israel Defense Forces international spokesman Richard Hecht said today about the victims of yesterday’s attack by Hamas militants who infiltrated from Gaza and attacked multiple Israeli communities.

Paramedics cover the body of a victim near Ashkelon (Reuters)
Paramedics cover the body of a victim near Ashkelon (Reuters) (AMMAR AWAD/)

We are going to respond very severely to this.. In the next few days it will be a long fight“We will do whatever is necessary to respond to this barbaric attack,” added Hecht, who denounced that Hamas’ actions “violate international law and Islam.”

This is our 9/11“said the spokesperson, comparing the trauma of this war for Israel with what the attack on the Twin Towers by Al Qaeda was for the United States.

The Israeli Ministry of Health this Sunday raised the number of injured in this surprise attack to 2,150, of which about 360 are in serious condition.

The Israeli Army began a strong offensive this Saturday against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, which according to the latest figures released by the Palestinian Ministry of Health have left at least 370 dead and more than 2,200 injured.

Added to this figure are the Palestinian militiamen who died in Israel, hit by Army troops after infiltrating its territory.

The military spokesperson also explained that there are still clashes between its soldiers and Palestinian militiamen who remain in Israeli communities in the area.

In parallel, the anti-aircraft alarms have practically not stopped ringing today in the region due to the launch of rockets from Gaza, from where the militias have launched 3,255 projectiles since the beginning of their offensive on Saturday morning, according to the latest figures released by the Army, which continues bombing targets in the Gaza Strip.

(With information from EFE)