Israel confirmed that the Kerem Shalom crossing will be opened to facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid to Gaza

View of Palestinian goods trucks in front of the Kerem Shalom commercial crossing (Reuters/file) (IBRAHEEM ABU MUSTAFA/)

Israeli authorities confirmed this Monday that They will open the Kerem Shalom passon the border with Gaza Strip and Egyptto facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid to the Palestinian enclave, although at the moment no deadlines have been given in this regard.

The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), the Israeli military authority in charge of the Palestinian territories, said in a statement that This will expand the “capabilities” of the Israeli Army to “carry out inspections” prior to the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

“The Kerem Shalom Pass will be opened, so These inspections will be doubled“, he indicated before regretting, however, that the aid “is still waiting at the entrance to Rafah”, the crossing located on the border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

“The UN must do better. Help is there and people need it”said COGAT.

Last week, a senior Israeli Army official stated that the crossing would open in “the coming days” to inspect international aid destined for the Palestinian enclave and facilitate the entry of additional assistance to the area.

At the moment, The Rafah border crossing is the only one open to introduce humanitarian aid into Gaza. Likewise, foreign citizens who are in the area have the possibility of leaving Gaza through this crossing. The inspection work is carried out at the Nitzana Pass, located on the border between Israel and Egypt.

Leaders close to Israel such as the American Joe Biden and the French Emmanuel Macron have urged Benjamin Netanyahu to allow more aid to reach Gaza, and the deployment of safe corridors for civilians.

According to the UN, on Thursday 69 trucks entered with supplies and fuel coming from Egypt, well below the average of 500 trucks a day that entered before the war.

WHO approves resolution calling for immediate help for Gaza

The executive council of the World Health Organization (WHO) approved by consensus on Sunday a resolution to combat the worsening health situation in the Gaza Strip.

After the UN Security Council refused to call for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, following a US veto, the 34 countries of the WHO executive council adopted a resolution that demands the “immediate, continuous and unhindered passage of humanitarian aid” to Gaza.

The resolution, proposed by Afghanistan, Morocco, Qatar and Yemen, calls for granting exit authorizations to patients, providing medicine and medical supplies for civilians, and making it easier for anyone deprived of liberty to have medical care.

The resolution of the 34 member countries of the Executive Council expresses the “serious concern” about the humanitarian situation and “widespread destruction,” and calls for protection for all civilians.

Although they accepted the resolution, some Western countries expressed reservations.

The representative of the United States declared that his country agreed not to oppose the consensus on the text but that it had “important reservations,” as it “regrets the lack of balance in the resolution.”

For Canada, it is a “compromise resolution” that should have also denounced the role of Hamas in the conflict, the taking of hostages and “the use of human shields.”

Australia questioned that the resolution did not mention the bloody Oct. 7 attacks by Hamas, which were “the catalyst for the current devastating situation.”

(With information from Europa Press and AFP)