Israel Defense Forces continue operations in the heart of Khan Younis and deepen their control in the Gaza Strip

The Israel Defense Forces (FDI) continue their operations in the heart of Khan Younisattacking terrorist infrastructures and underground complexes and thus deepening operational control in the south of the Gaza Strip.

“During their activity, the forces discovered dozens of wells. While exploring a well in the area, a squad of terrorists emerged from the well and launched charges at the force. The combatants returned fire and they eliminated the terrorists”, specified the IDF.

According to the Israeli Army, the unit’s fighters Magellan they attack “terrorist targets, locate weapons, engage in short-range combat with terrorists, and destroy Hamas’s terrorist infrastructure.”. In addition, the forces found weapons in civilian homes in the area, firearms, grenades, ammunition and Hamas intelligence and combat theory materials, a military statement states.

The IDF also stated that a team of snipers from the unit Dovdvan identified several terrorists near them. The combatants carried out “Accurate shots and eliminated nine terrorists in the area”.

“The fighters of the unit eliminated many terrorists in clashes, targeting aircraft and attacks with the commando formation fire complex and with precision weaponry.”steel sting“, they added.


The Israeli Army is now focusing its offensive on the center and south of the Stripwhere it expanded its ground operations in early December, when the so far only truce between Israel and Hamas was broken, allowing the exchange of hostages for Palestinian prisoners.

He army spokesmanhe Rear Admiral Daniel Hagariannounced on Monday night that they will soon begin a “new stage” in the war less intensivewith fewer troops on the ground and fewer air strikesmore focused on selective operations based on intelligence.

“There are still terrorist agents and weapons in the northern Gaza Strip, but they do not operate within an organized military framework and we now operate there in a different way and with a different combination of forces,” the spokesperson explained.

However, Hagari warned that in the center and south of the enclave, operational activity is still “intense and complex” and that the fighting will continue during 2024.

IDF attacked Hezbollah infrastructure

fighter jets of the IDF IDF attacked this Tuesday terrorist infrastructures of Hezbollah in the village of Kila, in the south of the Lebanon.

The IDF also stated that Air Force plane attacked drone launch team in southern Lebanon.

The Army detailed that, in addition to the alerts in the north of the country, “several launches were detected from the territory of Lebanon towards the areas of Malkia and Petah”.

“After the warning of the infiltration of an enemy plane, they launched interceptors against various hostile air targets who crossed from Lebanese territory to Israeli territory. A fall was detected at a base in the north of the country, with no damage or victims,” reported the IDF, which is currently attacking the sources of fire with artillery.