Israel Defense Forces deepen operational control in Hamas terrorist stronghold Khan Younis

Troops of the elite Commando Brigade of the Israel Defense Forces (FDI) establish the operational control in “the heart of Khan Younis”while the great offensive against the Hamas terrorist group in the southern city of Gaza Strip.

The Army said in a statement that the brigade is “continuing the offensive in the Khan Younis area, and is deepening operational control of the stronghold of the Hamas terrorists.”

The IDF stated that as the troops have advanced into the area, the commandos have encountered many Hamas cellswhich were “eliminated with sniper fire, guided missiles and tank bombing”.

In a special operation carried out by snipers from the unit egoz of the brigade, several Hamas operatives died after being tricked out of tunnels in the Khan Younis area, according to the Army.

The IDF said that in another incident, Egoz troops discovered three Hamas terrorists and attacked them with a guided mortar Iron Sting.

They also killed four armed men from the terrorist organization in a hand to hand combat while the commandos assaulted a building.

For its part, the unit Maglan of the Commando Brigade assaulted a command center belonging to the head of the intelligence unit of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and a Hamas command center in Khan Younis, according to the IDF.

The Army indicated that the troops They seized weapons and military equipmentas well as maps and other information “valuable” intelligence.

Maglan’s commandos too They killed “many terrorists during intense fighting” in the Khan Younis area, the IDF added.

Israel Defense Forces kill dozens of terrorists in Khan Younis

Troops Israelis claimed today to have killed dozens of Hamas terrorists in “selective attacks against military installations” in Khan Younis, south of the Gaza Strip.

“Israel Defense Forces troops carried out targeted raids against terrorist sites in the Al Amal area of ​​Khan Younis. Using precise sniper fire, they eliminated the terrorists and dismantled their infrastructure and weapons in the area,” a military statement said Thursday.

At least another ten “armed terrorists” They were attacked by air forces in the area and while other militants faced Israeli soldiers “hand to hand” after a raid on Hamas command centers, where weapons were found.

The Army published images showing a helicopter attacking a building and killing armed men who had opened fire on army reservists. Yiftah Brigade in central Gaza.

(With information from EFE)