Israel denounced that a citizen of his country is kidnapped in Ethiopia

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen (REUTERS/Yiannis Kourtoglou/File) (Yiannis Kourtoglou/)

A Israeli citizen has been kidnapped recently in Ethiopiareported last night the Israeli Foreign Ministry, which said it was cooperating with the Interpol and the local security forces to get him released as soon as possible.

“An Israeli citizen was kidnapped during his stay in Ethiopia in the region of gondar”, declared a spokesman for Foreign Affairs in a statement, in which he did not specify the identity of the kidnapped nor the circumstances nor the group that has captured him.

Given this, “the Israeli consul in Ethiopia is in contact with the local security authorities to achieve the release of the Israeli citizen as soon as possible, safe and sound,” added the same source.

According to the Israeli press, contact has already been made with the kidnappers, who would have demanded a payment of ransom money.

A view of the city of Mekele, in Ethiopia (REUTERS / Tiksa Negeri / File)
A view of the city of Mekele, in Ethiopia (REUTERS/Tiksa Negeri/File) (TIKSA NEGERI/)

This is the Second Israeli citizen kidnapped in recent months following the case of elizabeth turkovan academic and researcher who has been held hostage in Iraq since March and who would be held captive by Kataeb Hezbollahan Iraqi Shiite militia, the Israeli prime minister’s office said last week.

After that, Iraq opened an official investigation into his whereabouts just days after Israel announced his disappearance three months ago in baghdad.

Tsurkov, who holds both Israeli and Russian nationality, is a respected analyst on Syria and the Middle East and visited Iraq on her Russian passport as part of her doctoral work and academic research for the US’s Princeton University.

Israel does not maintain official relations with Iraq and is not known to maintain direct contact, in addition to the fact that the entry of Israeli citizens into Iraq is prohibited.

A senior Israeli official told local media that Tsurkov “he is not a member of the Mossad at all”the Israeli intelligence agency, thus refuting rumors that have surfaced in Arab media.

(With information from EFE)

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