Israel denounced the launch of four rockets from the Gaza Strip

File photo of the Israeli Iron Dome anti-missile system when it intercepted a rocket launched from the Gaza Strip towards Israel on August 6, 2022 (REUTERS / Ronen Zvulun) (RONEN ZVULUN /)

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) warned this Thursday at the last minute of the launch of four rockets from the Gaza Strip, although they have clarified that one of them has been intercepted and the other three have fallen short.

After 9:00 p.m. (local time), the air warning sirens began to sound in the cities of Kissufim, Ein HaShlosha and Nirimall of them located near the border with Gaza, according to the newspaper The Times of Israel.

According to a clarification from the Israeli Armed Forces, the country’s air defense system, known as the Iron Dome, managed to intercept one of the projectiles allegedly launched from Palestinian territory.

The other three rockets, launched moments later, have not managed to sound the anti-aircraft alarms and it is estimated that they may have fallen short and ended falling on Palestinian territory. Israeli health authorities have reported that No injuries or deaths have been reported.

As recalled by the aforementioned media, these attacks are carried out hours after Farouk Salamehidentified as a “commander” of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group, was killed during an Israeli military operation in the West Bank city of Jenin.

Palestinians move the body of the
Palestinians move the body of Palestinian Islamic Jihad “commander” Farouk Salameh, 28, in Jenin on November 3, 2022 (REUTERS / Raneen Sawafta) (RANEEN SAWAFTA /)

According to the Israeli Army, Salameh collaborated “with the terrorist group ‘The Lions’ Den'”, a new militia that emerged in the last year in the city of Nablus and is responsible for multiple attacks against Israelis in recent months.

If it is confirmed that the firing of these rockets was in response to Salameh’s death, this would be the second time in three months that West Bank violence spills over into Gazaas an escalation of violence in August was triggered by the arrest of another senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad official in Jenin.

People hold weapons at a demonstration in Jenin on Thursday after the death of Farouk Salameh (REUTERS / Raneen Sawafta)
People hold weapons at a demonstration this Thursday in Jenin after the death of Farouk Salameh (REUTERS / Raneen Sawafta) (RANEEN SAWAFTA /)

Two other episodes of violence were added to the incidents this Thursday morning. In the first of them, a 42-year-old Palestinian He was shot dead by soldiers after allegedly throwing a bullet at them. Molotov cocktail during a raid in the West Bank town of Beit Duque.

Shortly after, a 20 year old palestinian stabbed and wounded two policemen Israelis in the Old City of Jerusalem before being shot down by other agents present, which caused his death.

The deaths this Thursday bring to 141 the number of Palestinians killed in the West Bank and Israel so far this year, making it the the bloodiest in more than 15 years. On the Israeli side, 23 people have been killed, 16 of them civilians.

With information from EFE and EuropaPress

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