Israel killed “dozens of terrorists” in Jabaliya, including “drone operators”

Israeli army opens investigation into soldier for death of Gazan detainee

The Israeli army announced that it is investigating one of its soldiers, suspected of having shot dead a Palestinian who had been captured and detained by Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip.

“The terrorist was handed over to the supervision of a soldier, who, under suspicion, allegedly shot him, causing his death,” the army said in a statement transmitted to the AFP. “A military police investigation has been launched to examine the circumstances of the shooting,” he added.

Last month, Hamas called for an international investigation into the “summary executions” of dozens of Gazans. The Israeli military then said it had “no knowledge” of such killings.

Israel eliminated “dozens of terrorists” in Jabaliya, including “drone operators”

The Israeli Army reported that it killed “dozens of terrorists” during operations carried out during the last day in Jabaliya, in the north of the Gaza Strip, and highlighted that among them are “drone operators” to carry out attacks.

The statement explained that the military “eliminated” dozens of suspects in the area and added that among them there were also people who “tried to plant explosives” and who “were located when they were moving towards the forces” deployed by Israel in Jabaliya and its surroundings. .

The Army noted that the Navy also carried out attacks against “terrorists” in coastal areas of the Strip, while south of Gaza City three suspects were “eliminated” after a bombing against a building “used for terrorist purposes.” .

“After the attack, secondary explosions were witnessed, indicating that there were many weapons stored in the complex,” he said in a statement published through his website, in which he indicated that “terrorist infrastructures” in Khan Younis were also attacked. (south).