Israel launches website documenting October 7 Hamas massacre

A damaged office that also functioned as a security room in the Nir Am kibbutz hatchery after the October 7 attack by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas (REUTERS/Amir Cohen) (AMIR COHEN/)

The Israel’s National Directorate of Public Diplomacy announced this Wednesday the creation of a new website titled “October 7, 2023, Hamas Massacre: Documentation of Crimes against Humanity.”

The site was created in collaboration with the Office of the Spokesperson of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and is only accessible outside of Israel. Features photos and videos of the brutal Hamas massacre.

The launch comes a day before Israel appears in court in The Hague on South African genocide charges.

“We will continue and work so that the citizens of the world cannot remain indifferent to the horrible massacre that we have experienced,” he stated. Moshe Avivhead of the Directorate.

“It is an important explanatory and political tool, which presents serious crimes against humanity. Tomorrow we will appear before the court in The Hague, and this website will help the State of Israel in its mission to remind the world that we are the victim,” he added.

Israeli Minister Benny Gantz assured that Hamas lost control of large areas of the Gaza Strip

The Israeli minister Benny Gantza member of the war cabinet, stated that the Hamas terrorist group has lost control of large areas of Gaza and that the release of the hostages It is a priority over any other military objective.

Israeli Minister Benny Gantz (Europa Press)
Israeli Minister Benny Gantz (Europa Press) (Europa Press/Contact/)

“The achievements of the Israel Defense Forces continue to grow,” Gantz said at a press conference in Tel Aviv. “In large parts of the Strip, Hamas is no longer effectively in control,” he said.

The minister noted that they must continue the offensive because “if we stop now, Hamas will resume its control.” “We are in the midst of dismantling the terrorist infrastructure,” he added.

The most important thing is to return the hostages; It has priority over all fighting elements. To the hostages, if you can hear me, I want you to know that we are doing everything possible to return them to their loved ones,” he said.

IDF raided luxury vacation home of deputy head of Hamas military wing in Gaza

Lt. Col. Avichay Adraee, IDF Arabic spokesman, said troops raided a luxurious home belonging to the deputy head of Hamas’s military wing in the central Gaza Strip.

“This is further proof of the total disconnection between Hamas leadersincluding the leaders of the military wing, who live a life of luxury and enjoy great wealth, and a large sector of the Gaza population making calls for help asking for donations and international help,” said Adraee.

“The Hamas leaders are in heaven and the Gazans are in hell,” he added.

The holiday home belongs to Marwan Issa and is located in the Gazan town of Bureij.