Israel prepares a mega trial against those responsible for October 7 that meets international standards

Hamas infiltrated, massacred 1,200 people, kidnapped more than 300, and during its bloody raid raped and tortured dozens of Israelis. (RONEN ZVULUN/)

Israel is preparing a major court case against the terrorists of Hamas responsible for the massacre of October 7similar to the charges heard at the Nazi trial Adolf Eichmann in the early 1960s. With this It is intended to establish the severe punishments that will be imposed on the surviving Hamas terrorists.

As revealed The Wall Street JournalIsraeli researchers are using some 200,000 photographs and videos, and 2,000 witness testimonies to reconstruct what happened, with a view to bring charges against those responsible that comply with international standards and provide a definitive historical account of the brutal October 7 attack.

According to the report, Israel is collecting numerous evidence, including testimonies of serious sexual assaults, rapes, burning of children and dismemberments, all of this perpetrated by Hamas terrorists that fateful Saturday. The Israeli authorities estimate that the construction of this case will allow severe punishments to be imposed on the surviving terrorists.

“Israel’s investigation is expected to lead to a trial that will be the largest in the country since the early 1960s, when Israel captured, tried and executed Adolf Eichmann for his central role in the Holocaust”the article states.

The terrorist group Hamas still holds more than 120 people hostage
The terrorist group Hamas still holds more than 120 people hostage (RONEN ZVULUN/)

“Israel has never faced crimes and investigations of such magnitude,” said former Deputy Attorney General Roy Schondorf. “This will be one of the most important trials ever held in Israel.”

According to the report, the Israel Police are examining the testimonies of about fifty people who were captured, images obtained from their cameras, social media, signs and security cameras of vehicles throughout southern Israel. The challenge for the investigation, according to legal experts, is that the collection of forensic evidence was limited after October 7, while the Israeli army was fighting in the region in the days following the attack.

The documentation obtained reveals facts of unimaginable cruelty. According to Chen Kugel, director of Israel’s National Center for Forensic Medicine, evidence has been discovered that some people were burned alive, while others suffered torture and summary executions. Forensic results indicate that individuals, Even children were tied up and burned alive. Israeli police are also reviewing testimonies from captured terrorists and material from social media and security cameras to complement the investigation.

Commissioner Kobi Shabtai described the attack as “systematic and unprecedented in its cruelty”. The shocking evidence includes evidence of sexual violence, such as accounts of witnesses witnessing terrorists committing gang rapes and subsequently posting videos of the acts on victims’ social media pages. At least three women have come forward to testify that they were victims of sexual violence during the attack, according to Ayelet Razin Bet Or, a former government official assisting with the investigation.

Murder and torture

Personal horror stories like that of Eitan Cunio and his family, whose house in Nir Oz was doused in gasoline before being set on fire While they took refuge inside, they show the excessive violence of the assault. Eitan heard the terrorists enter his house and saw gasoline leaking under the door of the safe room where he was taking refuge with his wife and his two children.

Her one-year-old daughter was crying when the family home on Kibbutz Nir Oz was set on fire and smoke began to enter the room. Cunio placed wet sheets at the foot of the door and told his family that they would stay inside rather than be killed or kidnapped. If we die, we will die together at home, he said.

Before passing out, Cunio sent a tearful voice note to a friend in his community: “Brother, it’s horrible. We are going to die”.

After losing consciousness, Eitan was rescued, but discovered that eight members of his family had been kidnapped and taken to Gaza.

David Cunio, Eitan's twin brother, remains kidnapped in Gaza.  His sister-in-law and his nieces, Sharon Alony-Cunio and Emma and Julie, were freed last November (Reuters)
David Cunio, Eitan’s twin brother, remains kidnapped in Gaza. His sister-in-law and his nieces, Sharon Alony-Cunio and Emma and Julie, were freed last November (Reuters) (ALONY FAMILY ALBUM /)

Forensic evidence shared with the WSJ by Israeli officials show that some victims were burned alive after militants used accelerants to set their homes on fire. Photos seen by him WSJ taken by first responders at the scene show mutilated bodies, including the sexual organs of men and women. The bodies of women and girls showed various signs of sexual assault.

One of the objectives of Israeli research could also be preserving historyin the same way as The Eichmann trial exposed Nazi Germany’s Final Solution to the world and began a process for witnesses to come forward en masse to speak. of the horrors they experienced.

Adolf Eichmann
A pivotal trial like that of Adolf Eichmann is expected for his central role in the Holocaust (Shutterstock) (Everett/Shutterstock/)

Local authorities say they have identified approximately 800 dead Israeli civilians, including 37 minors and victims as old as a 94-year-old woman.

The bodies were taken to an Israeli military base where they were processed and those that were not identifiable were sent to the National Center for Forensic Medicine, which took fingerprints, performed X-rays and CT scans, and removed tissue samples for DNA extraction.

The scans revealed signs of torture and execution, according to Kugel. In some cases, the center found soot in the trachea, indicating that the people were burned alive as they inhaled smoke before their bodies charred, he said. Others were burned when they were already dead.

A scan of blackened remains seen by the WSJ revealed two vertebral columns and two rib cages belonging to a child and an adult that were tied with metal wire and burned alive, Kugel said. He added that more than 20 bodies were found with their hands tied with zip ties or electrical cables, indicating that they were executed.

The militants posted videos of some of the murders and kidnappings on the victims’ pages on social media, where friends and family viewed them. When the militants forcibly entered the house of Noam Elyakim, they shot him in the leg, took his wife’s phone and broadcast live on Facebook the taking of the family hostage. In another case, Shay Shimoni saw a video posted by militants showing her 75-year-old mother dead in a pool of blood.

Sexual violence

New details about sexual violence are also emerging. Investigators initially found no rape survivors, but at least three women have since come forward to the Welfare Ministry claiming to have suffered sexual violence, according to Ayelet Razin Bet Or, a former government official helping with the investigation.

A witness saw how the militants gang-raped a woman and then cut her breast. The first responders claimed to have seen signs of sexual violence, such as naked women or women with their underwear pulled down or shirtless.

He WSJ saw images taken by a lifeguard of ua naked woman with a knife and three nails in the crotch area, women with clothing partially or completely removed and women with blood in the crotch area. In another image provided by the first responder, a woman’s breast was almost completely sliced. She had her shirt ripped off and she had a stab wound to her neck. In two other photos a man appeared naked, gagged and shot, and in one photo it was seen that his eyeball had been torn out.

Shari Mendes62, an Israeli army reservist who helped identify bodies after Oct. 7, said people had been shot in the head so many times that they had been disfigured.

At the festival, Hamas militants began sexually assaulting women, witnesses told police. The fighters took the women to Gaza with them and, in one case, They paraded the semi-naked body of a festival attendee in the back of a vanaccording to a video widely shared on Telegram.

Palestinian terrorists return to the Gaza Strip in a van with the body of Shani Louk, a citizen with dual Israeli and German nationality, on October 7, 2023 (AP Photo/Ali Mahmud)
Palestinian terrorists return to the Gaza Strip in a van with the body of Shani Louk, a citizen with dual Israeli and German nationality, on October 7, 2023 (AP Photo/Ali Mahmud) (Ali Mahmud/)

In a recording of a phone call that morning, militants driving in Israel cheered as one of them talked about raping a woman. “I’m going to fuck her, I’m going to fuck her,” she told another person on the line, according to an unverified recording shared with the Journal by Israeli officials.


In Netiv HaAsara, Sabine Taasa heard a knock on her door: “Open, it’s me, Koren.”

At the door were his youngest children covered in blood and shrapnel wounds. They had fled their father’s house and were on the brink of collapse

Before evacuating, she ran to the house of her children’s father, Gil Taasa, where she found his body in a pool of blood. He had flies on his face.

Two days later, he received news that his eldest son, Or, had also been killed by terrorists in the beach bathroom.

Authorities had been unable to identify Or’s body for 15 days, and were only able to do so after his mother provided descriptions of features such as his feet and a birthmark.

Sabine Taasa gave testimony in the police investigation and now wants Justice to be done. Four terrorists were captured in Netiv HaAsara, and she hopes to confront Gil Taasa’s killers.

“I want to be in front of them and May my son Koren identify them, “That is his wish,” he said.