Israel shelled Hamas bases in the Gaza Strip after rocket fire from the enclave

Columns of smoke after Israel’s attacks on Gaza (Reuters) (MOHAMMED SALEM /)

Israel bombed in the early hours of this Thursday the Gaza Strip in retaliation for several rockets launched from the coastal enclave, reported the Israeli Army, which claims to have “significantly” damaged Hamas war facilitiesamid an uptick in violence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“In response to the firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israel today, Israel Defense Forces fighter jets attacked a site for the production, preservation and storage of chemical raw materials used for the production of rockets belonging to the terrorist organization Hamas”, indicated an Army spokesman.

Israel also bombed “a weapons manufacturing site”which “significantly damaged the capabilities” of Hamas, the de facto Islamist movement in Gaza since 2007, and its ability to “continue to acquire weapons,” added the same source.

Israel’s shelling took place in the center of the Gaza Strip, whose inhabitants heard several explosions, in addition to the deafening drone of warplanes.

The announcement of the Israel Defense Forces
The announcement of the Israel Defense Forces

Hamas’s military wing, the Al Qassam Brigadesclaimed in a statement that its fighters fired anti-aircraft munitions at Israeli warplanes.

While, The launch of rockets from Gaza, which began on Wednesday night and continued into the early hours of Thursday, sounded the anti-aircraft alarms in Sderot and other Israeli towns near the coastal enclave, but all the projectiles were intercepted by the defense system. Israeli air.

So far no fatalities or serious injuries have been reported on either side.

(Reuters) (MOHAMMED SALEM /)


The last time Israel was targeted by rockets from Gaza was early Friday morning, to which it also responded with shelling of Hamas facilities.

This war escalation occurs in the middle of a upsurge in violence that has left more than 20 dead in the last week.

Last Thursday, a military raid on west bank it resulted in ten Palestinians being killed by Israeli fire.

The next day, a series of four Palestinian armed attacks began, one of which left seven civilians dead on the Israeli side in a Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem.

Nine Palestinian terrorists killed in Israeli attack in West Bank
Confrontation between Palestinians and Israeli forces (AFP) (ZAIN JAAFAR /)

This attack was celebrated by hamas and the Islamic Jihad. It was also celebrated by Palestinian prisoners who are in Israeli jails, for which they were punished with total isolation and other measures.

Several Palestinian militias have pointed out that the rockets fired at Israel since yesterday are in retaliation for the punishments against Palestinian prisoners, especially women prisoners.

For its part, Israel assured this Thursday that it holds Hamas “responsible for all terrorist activity emanating from the Gaza Strip and will face the consequences of Israeli security breaches.”

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Palestinian Prisoners told EFE on Wednesday that the Palestinian inmates have been sanctioned with total isolation, a ban on receiving visitors and banning them from using the public telephone, as part of the repressive policy of Israel’s National Security Minister, the anti-Arab extremist Itamar Ben Gvir.

During the month of January, 35 Palestinians died in the conflict and seven died on the Israeli side, after the area experienced its deadliest year in 2022 since 2006, after the end of the Second Intifada.

(With information from EFE)

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