Issabela Camil called Wendy Guevara ‘ungrateful’ and this was the influencer’s forceful response

The controversy between Wendy Guevara and Sergio Mayer is intensifying more and more.


The uncomfortable exchange of statements between Wendy Guevara and Sergio Mayer has not ended, and now even Issabela Camil got involved in the lawsuit by ensuring that the influencer was “ungrateful” for not accepting her husband’s advice.

During a meeting with the media, Issabela Camil did not hesitate to defend her husband, Sergio Mayer, from the attacks that he has been the victim of, especially on social networks, since there have been many Internet users who called him “taken advantage of” after learning of that Mayer wanted to be Wendy Guevara’s “sole manager”.

The last:

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Overwhelming, Issabela Camil highlighted Sergio Mayer’s career in the field of artistic representation and talent management and even attacked Wendy Guevara with a transphobic comment when referring to the influencer as “ungrateful.”

Wendy was quick to react in a polite but forceful manner, to Issabela Camil’s new statements: this was her response.


Issabela Camil, in her statements to the press, highlighted that Sergio Mayer only tried to boost Wendy’s career through successful advertising campaigns that made them both earn money, while challenging the influencer to present evidence of her statements:

“The only thing he did was make him money, so I’m a little ungrateful for that.”

Issabela Camil

“The only thing he did was make him earn money, so I was a little ungrateful for that,” said his wife. Sergio Mayer during the talk.

Wendy Guevara, for her part, did not want to get into any more controversies and, after being questioned by her followers on a TikTok live, rHe expressed the respect he feels towards the Mayer family, so he will not respond to them with rudeness:

“I would never say anything to the lady, ever… that’s why I’m a gentleman.”

Wendy Guevara

“I’m not going to comment on anything because I haven’t seen the video… but I’m also not going to comment, that is, I don’t know the lady and I respect her because the truth is, family is family and I don’t hate Mayer or anything.“, expressed the popular content creator, who concluded in good humor: “I would never say anything to the lady, ever… that’s why I am a gentleman.”

Beyond the hints and attacks, fans of The house of the famous Mexico who supported Team Infierno because of the union they showed in the reality show little by little they are witnessing how this mirage falls apartwell Sergio Mayer acknowledged that he only went to do business and in fact, stopped following his colleagues on Instagram.