Issabela Camil reveals exclusively if LCDLFM has put her marriage with Sergio Mayer at risk

Issabela Camil and Sergio Mayer have two daughters, Antonia and Victoria.

Issabela Camil never agreed with Sergio Mayer joining LCDLFM.

For the first time, Isabella Camil confesses that he did not agree with that Sergio Mayer will enter the LCDLFM and reveals whether this project has put their marriage of 14 years at risk.


They say out there that opposite poles attract and this is the case of Sergio Mayer and Issabela Camil, who, despite being completely different, at one point in their lives coincided, got married and had two daughters. Today they are one of the most solid marriages of the Mexican show business; However, Mayer’s stay in The House of Famous Mexico has been so controversial that even his wife has been emotionally affected.

Exclusively, the socialite reveals if this project has put their relationship at risk, told us what bothers her about the reality show, and was decisive in revealing that she never agreed with her husband entering.

“There’s a reason they call him the Tiger”

What has it meant to you not to have Sergio at home? You miss him?

Yes a lot. It has been difficult, at first the space was rich and somehow being alone, saying: “he is in his project and I support him”, but as the days go by, time goes by, I already miss him a lot and my daughters too, suddenly they tell me that they already want their dad back, that they already miss him and yes, he is already weighing us down.

Did you agree with me entering The House of Celebrities? Did you like the idea?

No and I still don’t like it.


Know? In that I am very different from Sergio, he likes to show his life, his mind, his heart, he likes these mental and strategy challenges, and I can’t, it’s something that goes against my genetics, the talk about my relationships and everything, because there (in LCDLFM) you have to talk and that is something that does not interest me at all; I don’t have that personality. I admire him, I respect him, I love what he is doing, I think he has played fair, up front, I think he is a great strategist and he has known how to take care of his team with teeth and claws, they call him “the tiger” for a reason, but I don’t, I don’t like it.

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Being that Sergio and you are completely different, on what point do you agree? How have they managed to complement each other?

We both have a great love for honesty, we are true people, we believe in the same project that is family, we have a lot of empathy and the same values, we admire each other, and we don’t drink, we don’t smoke, we adore animals, we have those similarities, and differences do not distance us, on the contrary, they make us grow. Look, when Sergio told one of the participants: “I don’t know what you do at home…” there are many people who thought the same thing, but there are people who took it as if it were a gender assault and it wasn’t. Why can’t he say what he feels and thinks? Why is it wrong for him to say what he feels is true?

“If it bothers them (something about Sergio) it is because there is something in him that makes them feel lesser”

Is this also outside of LCDLFM?

Of course. To me, as his wife, Sergio has said very strong things to me and the only thing he has caused with that is that I have grown, I grow because I get out of that comfort zone, I say: “Stop being comfortable here and jump out”, and I have grown.


At some point you commented that you and Sergio were about to get divorced, do you think that the fact that he is in LCDLFM puts your marriage at risk again?

No, not that yes, I think there was nothing like the political circle, nothing!, there if I tell you: “oh bastard…”. There I did say: “uff”, that is very complex, there it is another issue, but not this, this is entertainment, sorry, this is nothing for me, nothing to see, but it doesn’t suddenly stop being uncomfortable.

Will sue LCDLFM participant

A few days ago, Issabela Camil informed the media that she plans to initiate legal action against a former participant in The House of Famous Mexico, although she did not mention her identity.

What did you not like in itself?

I have not liked the attacks, if he does one thing, they shoot him; if he does another, too; if they lose, it’s his fault… by God! It’s so obvious that his intelligence, courage and the love that people are showing him can’t stand it, they can’t digest it. How incredible that people who are supposed to be panelists behave like this, because as a panelist you can say: “I like it” or “I don’t like it”, but with Sergio it already feels personal; I think that if it bothers them (something about Sergio) it is because there is something in him that makes them feel less (…).


No doubt this project has also been very hard for you…

Yes, especially because of the attacks that have been made against Sergio, and he has said: “prove it to me, go to the Prosecutor’s Office and do what you have to do and prove it to me”, but nobody can prove anything to him, they are fabricated things, so it is when I say: “I can’t take this anymore”.

On the other hand, what do you think about what Sergio said that he would like to experience a threesome? Did he bother you?

No, it didn’t bother me, I think you can’t get mad about what another person thinks or wants, that’s ridiculous. Why am I going to get angry if you think that? That is your subject, and if he has that thought what a father, but he is not going to comply.

You definitely wouldn’t?

No, it’s not something that interests me, it’s not something that makes me curious.