It could have been a fatal injury: Alejandra Guzmán’s fall put her life at risk

Last week, Alejandra Guzmán suffered in Washington, United States, one of the most dangerous injuries recorded on stage in the history of music. It happened on Tuesday, September 27, as she was kicking off her performance at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. The daughter of Enrique Guzmán and Silvia Pinal was part of the main event of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, which extols Hispanic people in the neighboring country to the north, and where she would also be recognized.

However, while interpreting the song Bad grass, just the second of the night, he executed a ballet step called ecarte, in which he slid one of his legs, making an apparent pressure that bounced the head of one of his two hip prostheses. , his Achilles heel since 2009, and fell on his back on stage before the astonished sight of the assistants and musicians of the orchestra that accompanied him.


Dr. Víctor Encina, a specialist famous for his advice on social networks and with the authority to give his opinion, says that with the two prostheses Alejandra replaced the hip joint in the femoral head. Said prosthesis is made of an alloy of chromium, cobalt and titanium that allows the patient to recover mobility in case the hip is very worn.

“We don’t know if he has a full prosthesis, a semi-prosthesis or double mobility. What happens when it dislocates is that the head of the prosthesis comes out of the cup, goes backwards and causes another dislocation, because biomechanically it made a hyperextension and an abruption of the other hip, making a lever arm, and it comes off ”.


According to the Encyclopedia of Clinical Medicine, Volume 137, it is explained that of the 40,000 patients who annually suffer a hip fracture, about 10,000 die during the 12 months after it. “The rate is high because internal organs are usually injured, which can be compromising for life itself.”


Humberto Iturralde, Alejandra Guzmán’s representative, commented on the incident: “It’s fine, thank God. His hip came loose, because he has two titanium prostheses, and that’s why he falls “. He then sent the statement that we show here. On her part, Alejandra shared an audio addressed to her fans: “Thank you for caring about me and sending me so many blessings. I’m really fine; What happened is that my right hip was dislocated. I have two prostheses, and sometimes it can happen. It had never happened to me, but at the Kennedy Center it happened to me. I want them to stop worrying, to know that I’m fine, that I’m going home soon, that I love them very much, that there’s going to be a lot of rock and roll, and there’s no fracture, thank God. Kisses”.
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