It is not the first time: Bad Bunny had already taken cell phones from fans in the past

The incident in which Bad Bunny took the cell phone from a fan who tried to take a selfie has sparked discussions in which some defend the reggaeton player but there are other opinions in the sense that his action was violent.

In the midst of the controversy, the singer Guaynaa published a joke by writing a message on Twitter in which he offered a reward for the fan’s cell phone.

In response, he received several comments from fans who had similar experiences with Bad Bunny, that is, he also took their cell phones.

One of those fans even published the video in which Bad Bunny is actually seen taking away the cell phone with which he was recording a party in a club.

Between the lights and the people dancing, the video shows the moment Bad Bunny appears (apparently annoyed because he appears on the recording) and without a word he takes his cell phone.

It is also seen in the video that the reggaetonero takes the cell phone from another man who does not record it but who got in his way.

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