“It is unworthy of the President to attack from the presidential rostrum”: Krauze

The historian Enrique Krauze He stated that welcome the debate, welcome the dissent, welcome the difference of opinions, but “Is unworthy of the Presidency of Mexico, with all the power he has, with all the force that the place from which he speaks means, using the presidential rostrum to insult, to attack his critics ”.

During the presentation of your book “Criticism of presidential power”, on the Guadalajara International Book Fair that the word of the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador has an immense weight, for which “It is an injustice, it is an asymmetry, it is unworthy of the presidency of Mexico that he President with all the power it has use the presidential pulpit or the presidential arena to insult, slander, defame or attack your critics ”.

The historian, who is the author of several books, including “For a democracy without adjectives ”, said that such attacks had never occurred from the presidential pulpit, “In a country so harassed, where journalism is so harassed, where so many journalists die, in a country like Mexico the president with all the power he has, with a name and surname defames, slanders and lies about journalists or intellectuals or academics” .

In a conversation with Ivabelle Arroyo placeholder image, the Mexican intellectual affirmed that of Mexico and his criticism of power is the story of a drama and said that he always dreamed that a liberal democratic left, respectful of the powers, would arrive, correct the issue of corruption and especially social policy, because he has always agreed with the social policy of cash distribution, as an idea that Gabriel Zaid presented in 1973, but not instrumented like this, “Because it is instrumented in a clientelistic and political way, giving money in exchange for political obedience.”

Krauze assured that the revolution by the left that he would have wanted to come from Vicente Fox, in an alliance, it was one that respected the conquests that cost so much to generations with division of powers, freedom of the press, freedom of the media, freedom of expression, respect for criticism, respect for autonomous bodies, the Federal Electoral Institute, the National Institute of Transparency, to all autonomous instances, with a Congress and a judiciary that respects itself and a president that respects citizens and above all, a president who does not use the deep religious feelings and faith of the Mexican people for political purposes.

“Unfortunately, that is what we are living, the opposite of that dream and there we are, I did not imagine that we were going to be there, there we are “, said Enrique Krauze, who assured that his book is not a political act, but a story about the importance of criticism of academic and intellectual journalists, of criticism of presidential power.

He said that to this day what Daniel Cosío Villegas said in 1969, that the main problem of a politician in Mexico is the concentration of power in the hands of the president, “Who was going to tell us that 52 years later we were going to be talking about that.”

Enrique Krauze said that criticism of power includes criticism of the personality of the presidents. Noted that Gustavo Diaz Ordaz I was paranoid Luis Echeverria he believed himself a savior, Jose Lopez Portillo Quetzalcóatl was believed, Miguel de la Madrid It seems that he is the one who did not believe anything, Salinas believed himself to be king, monarch, Zedillo “was a man who knew limits and promoted democracy.”

“Fox is still napping, he keeps falling asleep, Calderón wanted to govern, but he was stubborn and vindictive and spiteful. Fox was like a little boy almost six feet tall, Peña Nieto, should have had the role of fourth-grade heartthrob in a telenovela but they put him to rule. They know where a lot of a president is seen in how they behave as former presidents, and well, I explored López’s psychology in an essay whose name and surname I don’t remember.