“It moves me”: Teasing and memes before Martha Debayle’s reaction to the death of Queen Elizabeth II

The death of Queen Elizabeth II was the news that made headlines this September 8 and among the various reactions to the death of the monarch, the way in which Martha Debayle broke the news on her radio show on W Radio stood out.

Just as Buckingham Palace confirmed the death, Martha said on air:

“A woman who was in power for 70 years, a woman who dedicated her entire life to the service of the English crown and something incredible, this woman, since Churchill, 15 prime ministers, and her death has just been confirmed at the age of 96. . She moves me impressively ”, was part of what the communicator said.

But what was striking was that it got to the point where she was moved, and He said that his daughter spoke to him crying because he considered Queen Elizabeth II as his grandmother.

In social networks it did not take long to publish memes and ridicule regarding Martha Debayle’s reaction.

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