“It was not an accident”: Minnie West says that Amparín Serrano did not die from falling from his lift chair

Minie West decided, without being sure she was ready to do it, to talk about what she has experienced since the death of her mother, Amparín Serrano.

Amparín Serrano was a young singer who later became popular for being the creator and designer of the “Distroller” brand.

She died on August 12 of that year and although the family did not disclose the cause of death, the most accepted version is that she was the victim of an accident: she fell from a lift chair in her home as part of the decor.

That version, however, according to the words of his daughter Minnie West, is not correct and Amparín did not die after falling from his chair.

In a conversation she had with her followers on Instagram, West also talked about the reasons that led her to enter a psychiatric clinic.

“I did it because I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and it gets to a point where you can’t be well without professional help, I got to a point where it was a life or death decision to find urgent help.” .

That trauma arose, Minnie explained, from witnessing the moment her mother died.

One of his followers asked him precisely if it was true that Amparín Serrano died when he fell off his chair.

“Nope! But people talk and make up their own ideas, for my family and I it has been better that people keep what they want to keep, for us the important thing right now is to heal, and to explain the truth, it seems to us that it happens a background”

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