“It was rubbish”: the day that Paco Gabriel de Anda ranted against Chivas

Francisco Gabriel de Anda was a director of Chivas for three months (Photo: Twitter @ Chivas)

So much Francisco Gabriel de Anda and Jose Luis Higuera shared a bench on the board of the Chivas del Guadalajara. The ex-footballer spent three months in the Guadalajara team and was dismissed at the hands of Matías Almeyda, who at that time was the technical director of the Sacred Herd.

Subsequently, by Anda Return to ESPN to become a panelist for programs such as Futbol Picante, where former figures of Mexican sports such as Hugo Sánchez, Mario Carrillo, Roberto Gómez Junco; Jose Ramon Fernandez, among others.

On one occasion Fig tree was invited to the program and communicators and former players talked about the step taken by the Chiverío at the tournament. Little by little, spirits rose among those present at the table, as journalists like Jorge Pietrasanta They assured that the management of José Luis in command of the Jalisco team was negative.

De Anda came to Chivas in 2018 and won a championship (Photo: <a class=Twitter @ Chivas)” height=”1465″ src=”https://www.infobae.com/new-resizer/xbtgI-p7DYwjmXE6ychtiRxUrFA=/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/infobae/JBB5RYID4NEYTFQTSYBOHP7NIQ.jpg” width=”3000″ />
De Anda came to Chivas in 2018 and won a championship (Photo: Twitter @ Chivas)

The controversy also appeared when Paco de Anda assured that Higuera had gotten into decisions on sports issues, a situation that did not correspond to him since he was in charge of the economic issue. Added to this, he reproached him for the fact that the relationship with Almeyda had not brought it to fruition for the sake of the rojiblanco wardrobe.

Pietrasanta He added that after the exits of the managers and Almeyda, things looked like a bad reputation abroad: “With the exits of players and managers, So they’re telling me that Chivas was trash inside”. José Luis did not like the word and in his defense he admitted that “I don’t know if that’s the word. In a large team there are interests and disagreements. It is normal”.

Therefore, whoever did admit to Pietra it was Paco Gabriel de Anda: “Let me add. Yes, it was rubbish. It was rubbish and that’s why I stepped aside. It’s my point of view”.

The Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara won, in three years and with the team led by Almeyda, five titles. Pelado Almeyda achieved the Copa MX 2015, the Supercopa MX in 2016; the Copa MX 2017, the Liga MX 2017.

Matías Almeyda is the coach preferred by the fans of the Flock (Photo: Omar Martínez / Cuartoscuro)
Matías Almeyda won five titles with Chivas (Photo: Omar Martínez / Cuartoscuro) (Omar Martínez /)

When Go accompanied the team won the Concacaf Champions League in 2018. As of that year the Sacred Herd has not been able to lift any trophies, so the fans await the return of the last coach who helped them to be champions.

After the return of Paco Gabriel to ESPN, José Ramón Fernández received him in a peculiar way, as the journalist added that he had betrayed the company.

“Yes it came back. I’m glad you’re here. You owe loyalty to a company. Very fast you were back, I’m surprised it was so fast. I know another story about your time in Guadalajara because I have very good contacts. He said goodbye to me on the phone. Then we went to the World Cup and He dumped us, because yes, we had a lot of work. It seems to me that he made a very serious mistake, it was when he declared that if Almeyda left, he would too “

On the other hand, now the rojiblancos will seek to access the final stages of the Grita México 2021 tournament. Before they will have to overcome the Camoteros of Puebla in the reclassification phase. If they advance they could face the Eagles of America in the quarterfinals. At Guardians 2020, the tapatíos surpassed the Azulcremas in the semifinals of the tournament a year ago.


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