Italy: a new eruption of Etna covered the cities around the volcano in ash

A general view of the fall of abundant volcanic ash due to the eruptive activity of the Etna volcano in the Rifugio Sapienza square, Nicolosi (EFE/EPA/ORIETTA SCARDINO) (ORIETTA SCARDINO/)

The mountain etnathe most active volcano in Europe, erupted on Sunday, spewing ash over Cataniathe largest city in eastern Sicilyand forced the suspension of flights at the airport of that city.

“Because of the eruptive activity of Etna and the fall of copious volcanic ash on the airport pavement, flight operations are suspended until security conditions are recovered,” the aerodrome manager announced in a statement.

Etna volcano eruption

Etna crosses one of its frequent rashes that usually cover the Sicilian cities around them with ash.

Etna volcano eruption
Abundant volcanic ash on a car due to the eruptive activity of the Etna volcano in the Rifugio Sapienza square, (EFE/EPA/ORIETTA SCARDINO) (ORIETTA SCARDINO/)

He National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology of Italy (INGV) that closely monitors Etna with instrumentation on the slopes, noted that the cloud cover on a rainy day it blocked the view of the eruption, which often puts on a spectacular display of flaming lava during infrequent ejections from the colossus.

Etna volcano eruption
A car covered in ash in Nicolosi (EFE/EPA/ORIETTA SCARDINO) (ORIETTA SCARDINO/)

The institute reported that ash fell on Catania and in at least one city on the inhabited slopes of Mount Etna. No injuries were reported.

INGV indicated that monitoring had recorded evidence of a increased tremor activity in the last days. The tremors registered a “high level” already at 7:20 local time (5:20 GMT).

Etna volcano eruption
A person shows the volcanic ash fallen in Nicosia (EFE/EPA/ORIETTA SCARDINO) (ORIETTA SCARDINO/)

people in cities adrano and biancavilla reported having heard loud explosions emanating from the volcano on Sunday, the Italian news agency said ANSA. These towns are located on its southwestern slope, just the direction predicted in the dispersion of the cloud.

Etna volcano eruption

The national agency of Civil protection Italy said Thursday in an alert that, in view of increased volcanic activity, “sudden” variations in Etna’s activity could occur.

In early 2021, an eruption of the volcano lasted several weeks.

(With information from AP and EFE)

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