Itatí Cantoral responds to those who criticize her weight

The beloved actress Itati Cantoral She has appeared publicly showing a very thin physical appearance, so there are those who started a rumor that she could possibly be sick.

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Itatí, who is recording part 9 of The Lord of the Skies, had a meeting with the media and took the opportunity to clarify the reason for her slender figure.

“I am very healthy, thank God.”commented the protagonist of soap operas, in the best style with mischief, which characterizes her.

The famous woman assured that she even wears the same size that she had in 2019 when she starred in the biographical series Silvia Pinal in front of you, in which she played the last diva of Mexican cinema.

“They really squeezed my waist, so Mrs. Silvia Pinal, the waist she had”she told reporters, adding that the leading actress said that her dresses only fit Michelle Salas and her.

He clarified: “I have always been a woman who takes great care of herself and if I eat a lot I gain weight”said.