“It’s cannon”: Jose Eduardo before a rumor that Vadhir hit Eugenio Derbez

With the information dripping from the Derbez family, several versions emerged about the accident that injured Eugenio Derbez’s shoulder, including one that assured that his son Vadhir hit him.

José Eduardo Derbez spoke about it, after he himself confirmed that no one in his family gave him details of what happened.

In an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda, Victoria Ruffo’s son rejected the version that Vadhir hit his father: “A thousand stories have been handled. Suddenly friends or well-known people send me videos of what is being said and it’s crazy; It is said about the filming, about the car, about the fact that even my brother had hit him… things that are not, well, it’s not even the case, it’s not that way”.

José Eduardo insisted: “I was not there, so (it is) what my father explained.”

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What Eugenio said about the accident.

In the midst of his recovery, the actor finally faced the situation and explained what happened: “My son (Vadhir) told me to play a virtual reality game, I put on the headset and I was in a multi-story building. I was standing on a small board, I tripped over something and when I stepped out of that little board, what I saw in the game did not match what was around me, I moved my feet and came upon some steps; hit my elbow first, pushing the bone causing it to break. In hospitals they told me that many people arrive injured by these games”.

He recalled the pain: “I said to go to the hospital quickly, I started screaming because I couldn’t stand it and they decided to anesthetize me. The doctor told me that they couldn’t operate on me because I had suffered five large fractures and 10 small ones.”

The version that blames Vadhir.

The youtuber Alejandro Zúñiga assures that “from a very good source” he knew that the truth would not have been the crash, nor the fall, but that it would have been a beating between father and son. “Vadhir was present, and they got into a fight and went to blows. Vadhir broke Eugenio’s rib.”

“That is why the information has been hidden from José Eduardo, it is possible that he does not know it and is finding out… The source is reliable and that is why I dare to open my mouth and this is real, Eugenio Derbez fought with his son and his son caused all these health problems,” Zúñiga said.

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