Ivonne Montero suffers a serious eye accident; she burned her corneas

Ivonne Montero alarmed her friends and followers by sharing a photo where she is seen with a patched eye and another with an irritated and teary appearance.

The actress Ivonne Montero recently worried her followers after she posted a photo on Instagram where she appears with a gauze patch on her left eye while the right one looks red and teary, something that undoubtedly alerted her fans who were distressed by the image.

Ivonne has become a recurring personality in the media after she won the reality show La Casa de los Famosos where she lived with Niurka, Laura Bozzo and Juan Vidal.

Yesterday, the singer also drew attention again, not precisely because of her work, but rather because she is going through a health problem with her eyes; she in the photo she wrote:

“A fatal oversight family… Send me your good wishes!”

In the comments, his audience and friends questioned the reason why he had his eye covered, in addition to sending him their best wishes for his recovery.

The protagonist of La loba did not give more details about the affectation in her eyes, however, in an interview for De Primera Mano, the dancer explained that it was all due to a corneal burn caused by her contact lenses, which she put in eye drops. eyes instead of the solution where they are preserved.