J Balvin premieres the song “Amigos”; Clarifies if it is dedicated to Bad Bunny

  • For some fans, this song is a response to a verse from Bad Bunny’s song ‘Thunder y Lightning’

At a Frank Sinatra-themed restaurant in the lobby of Encore, a luxury hotel and casino in Las Vegas, Colombian musician J Balvin sat down to discuss his interest in Formula One.

Balvin was the only artist at last month’s Las Vegas Grand Prix to perform twice during the motor racing weekend. For the Colombian it was an opportunity to participate in a global sport as a global musician. He also allowed her to show his latest single, the reggaeton song Amigos, on the Sphere forum, the world’s largest LED screen.

At one point during the week, an ad with a photo number projected on Sphere read “J Balvin doesn’t need any more friends.”

Fans could have misinterpreted it as a response to a verse from Bad Bunny’s song Thunder and Lightning. In it, the Puerto Rican star says “You’ve seen me, I’m always with the same guys/ While you are friends with everyone like Balvin.”

Balvin says that Amigos has nothing to do with Bad Bunny. “I do not have time for that. I have a lot of love for the guy,” he says. “The friend I met at that time was amazing, you know? “So, he might be going through something.”

“I see him as a little brother, so it’s like being mad at your little brother, so I’m not going to take it personally,” he added. Friends, he said, “it’s not an answer.”