J Balvin was ignored again from the nominations for the Latin Grammy 2022

Since J Balvin accused the Latin Grammy academy of plotting, his name has not featured as much in the nominations

Once again J Balvin is a trend after the nominations for the Latin Grammy Awards 2022 were announced, however, this time it was not for having been in various categories but quite the opposite, for conspicuous by his absence.

And it is that according to several Internet users they expected to see the name of the Colombian singer-songwriter in at least several categories, because in this recent year he released many songs that were positioned in the taste of the audience.

After the nominations for the Latin Grammys were announced, the networks realized that José did not appear in any of them, and even indicated that the Latin Recording Academy would have completely vetoed the Colombian after his plot attempts in 2019 and 2021.

This Tuesday, September 20, the 2022 Latin Grammy nominations were announced and what a surprise was what Balvin’s name caused in any of the categories.

It is surprising because this year he released several songs and even improved the reissue of the JOSÉ album, however he did not get any mention from the Latin Recording Academy.

For many it is a clear sign that the reggaeton player would have been vetoed and censored by the organization, because as you will surely remember in the entertainment gossip of 2019 and 2021, his name appeared after ensuring that the Latin academy only rewards artists. without talent.