J-Hope’s solo single tops iTunes charts in 80 countries

His music video recorded 8 million views on YouTube, as of 4:00 pm on the same day.

J-Hope, a member of the K-pop superstar group Bangtan Boys (BTS), revealed a concept photo for his new solo single “On the Street” on Thursday, March 2, 2023, which will be released the following day. (Photo provided by BigHit Music. Resale and archiving prohibited)

“On the Street” the solo single by Espero, a member of the K-pop superstar group Bangtan Boys (BTS), has topped the iTunes charts in 80 countries, his advertising agency BigHit Music reported on Saturday.

The song “on the street,” released on Friday, topped multiple charts in countries including Canada, Italy and Sweden as of Saturday, according to Big Hit Music.

The music video, released at the same time as the single, was popular on YouTube in several countries, including Mexico, the United States, the Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, and Denmark. The video was viewed around 8 million times as of 4 pm on Saturday.

The single also peaked at number 16 on Spotify’s Daily Top Songs chart. According to BigHit Music, “on the street” had a total of 3,294,403 streams on its first day of release.

The song is a collaboration with American rapper and producer J. Cole. J-Hope also participated in its development.

The word “Street” in the title refers to J-Hope’s roots in street dancing, where his agency says his dream of becoming an artist began.