Jacky Bracamontes slaps Elizabeth Gutiérrez with a white glove

Because Elizabeth Gutierrez talked about the book where Jacky Bracamontes confesses the affair he had with William Levy, The actress released a comment that perhaps fell like a bomb at the Mexican’s house.

“I think that if you are capable of thinking it is because you are capable of doing it. “I don’t have the need to tie up any man. I only have two children, and if you’re wondering about that person, I don’t know how many, but definitely more than two. So ask her who needs to tie up who,” Gutiérrez said when talking about Jacky inferring that she got pregnant to retain William Levy.

Elizabeth also added: “I admired that person. I thought she was an admirable person, a good woman. Unfortunately, I had to discover another side of her, nobody told me, I lived it, so later she writes a book and wants to see herself as a victim when he is not.oner that part that I got pregnant, it makes me a little in bad taste, but well, nothing happens, I wish you all the happiness in the world.

So Jacky Bracamontes decided to respond indirectly, as if it were a white glove slap, by reiterating that her daughters are not a way to keep her husband, Martín Fuentes, but a blessing that she always expected.

Through her Instagram stories, the woman from Jalisco shared videos from the past where she said that she wanted many children and that she was literally born to be a mother.

Along with photos where she appears with her girls, Jacky made it clear that her daughters are the product of love and the result of her longed-for desire, as if she responded to Elizabeth Gutiérrez after her comments.