Jacob Elordi is investigated by police in Australia for alleged assault

The “Saltburn” actor would have lost control when he received a joke about one of his scenes in the film

Actor Jacob Elordi, star of the series “Euphoria” and the film “The Kissing Booth”, is under police investigation after he allegedly attacked a radio producer on the streets of Australia.

The events occurred on Saturday, February 3, when the actor was in a hotel in the city of Sydney, in the company of two friends, when Joshua Fox, host of the local program “The Kyle and Jackie O Show”, gave them a hard time. joke related to his controversial scenes in the film “Saltburn”, which angered the actor and he ended up attacking Fox, according to “Variety” magazine.

Joshua Fox explained what happened on his radio show, even showing audio of the unfortunate encounter. In the recording, the producer asks Elordi to give him a container with the water from the tub that appears in the film, as he intended to give it to his partner, Jackie O. The situation made the actor so uncomfortable that he asked him to stop recording and delete the material he had obtained, but he refused.

It was then that Jacob and his companions pushed him towards the wall and showed, he claimed, a violent attitude: “He is much taller than me. He was so close to my face that I felt intimidated. Jacob demanded that he delete the images and I told him that we were not going to use them. But a switch suddenly flipped and he became more aggressive. “Jacob turned around, pushed me against the wall and put his hands on my throat,” the Australian explained.